STL Date Night Restaurants

St. Louis has some of the best food and restaurants in the midwest. While STL is famous for T-Ravs, gooey butter cake, provel cheese and St. Louis style pizza, there is so much more to try. What better time to try some new places than during an STL date night?

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Annie Guns, the Perfect STL Date Night Location

I’m pretty sure the month I moved to STL, I started hearing about Annie Guns, and still I haven’t been. Located in Chesterfield, MO, it is one of the go to’s for several of my clients as well as a few of my friends.

Their motto is “Food and wines inspired by the richness of country life.” They also use local produce to support local farmers, which I love.

If you are planning a date night to Annie Guns, be sure to book a reservation! You can book online or use OpenTable.

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or…Charlie Gittos

Charlie Gittos is definitely my favorite STL date night Italian restaurant. I’m going to be honest, I think it’s because I love gnocchi, but their other dishes are great as well.

There are three location in STL- the Hill, Chesterfield, and at Hollywood Casino. Weekend and special occasion reservations are a must! You can use OpenTable to make your reservation here too.

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Maybe… Brasserie by niche?

I’ve been to this restaurant once with a group of girls. It was really good and the feel of the restaurant is very intimate. Brasserie by Niche will make a great STL date night location! It’s located around Maryland Plaza in St. Louis.

Have you tried Eleven Eleven Mississippi?

Named after the street address, Eleven Eleven Mississippi serves award-winning Tuscan/Californian cuisine. Everything is made from scratch with fresh seasonal ingredients, most grown in the restaurant’s own commercial hydroponic greenhouse.

Be sure to make a reservation for this great restaurant!

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End the night with Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

After you have been to any of the restaurants previously mentioned, be sure to stop at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar for dessert and drinks! It’s a romantic quiet lounge that you both will enjoy, especially with any of the dessert options they have.

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Airbrush Tan in STL//Boudoir Photography

I discussed the topic of an airbrush tan in STL for boudoir photography sessions earlier this month.  In closing this month, I wanted to discuss the topic one more time. It is Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention Month after all!

Missy of Just Fakin Tans came to the studio last week for a session and gave me permission to share her photos.

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Hair and Makeup

Just Fakin Tans shares a studio space with Chelsy Lyn Beauty in Columbia, IL, so Chelsy actually did Missy’s Hair and Makeup for the session.  I very much love the colors, tones, eye makeup, and contour for boudoir photos.  The look went very well with Missy’s outfit choices, her skin tone, and her personality!

Chelsy Lyn is a licensed cosmetologist who specializes in bridal and event hair and makeup. She not only does hair and makeup for brides and bridal parties, she also is a hair stylist as well. Follow her on Instagram to see her beautiful work!

By the way, Just Fakin Tans, Chelsy Lyn, and I have a special offer for clients who use all three of us.  Contact either Just Fakin Tans or Chelsy to find out all about the offer!

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The Outfits

Missy definitely followed my recommendations as far as outfits go and for that I am so thankful! She brought tons of bodysuits, bra and panty sets, and some sweaters/silky shirts to wear, but she also brought some outfits/props to bring out her personality. The pineapples were specifically or a shot she wants to hang in her studio space and I think it totally fits! I love the outcome of this photo!

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This flowery and flowy top fit the cream chaise lounge and white rug set so well, especially with her hair and makeup and spray tan. It made for such a soft photo.

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Airbrush Tan in STL

Missy had her husband do an airbrush spray tan in STL. Their studio specializes in customized tans for each individual and also includes contouring. We love contouring!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again.  I will never recommend tanning in a tanning bed over no tans at all. Skin cancer is real and can be prevented! Don’t increase your chances by laying in a tanning bed. With the availability of spray tans that look natural these days, take advantage of that instead!

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Here are some of her recommendations for your airbrush tan in stl.

  • The tans are best 2 days prior to your event, photo sessions, plans, etc.
  • Shower the morning of or the night before your spray tan with little to no product on skin.
  • Exfoliate the day before using an oil-free scrub.
  • Shave the day before.
  • Come to your appointment with bare skin (i.e: no lotions, oils, deodorant, perfumes, etc.)
  • Bring loose, dark clothing for after your spray tan is complete.

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Semi-Annual Session Sale is still going on!

Check out this blog post for ALL the info!

The Details

  • $129
  • 1.5 Hour session
  • Hair and makeup is included
  • 4 outfit changes
  • $200 print credit
  • $349 value

It ends Monday May 28 at 6pm!  Don’t miss out!

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STL Bridal Hair and Makeup // Blowout Bar

When my clients ask me for the best STL bridal hair and makeup for their weddings, I always point them in the direction to Blowout Bar in Downtown St Louis; which isn’t too hard since they’re only a half-block away from my boudoir photography studio! They serve as my go-to hair and makeup team for my shoots, but they also specialize in weddings for your STL bridal hair and makeup needs. I’d love to share with you all about this awesome establishment, and tell you about some of my own clients’ personal experiences with the amazing Blowout Bar!

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All About Blowout

Amanda Boatman and Nichole Merkel are the driving force running the Blowout Bar, a top-rated STL bridal hair and makeup vendor. They are all about bringing innovation and inspiration to the beauty industry. The people who work there pride themselves on impeccable and professional hairstyling for any occasion, especially wedding days!

On your big day, Blowout Bar encourages you to “take over [their] whole salon”, beckoning you to come and sit back for relaxation over a glass of champagne while their professionally trained staff takes the utmost care of you! As the perfect STL bridal hair and makeup wedding vendor, these ladies really know how to go all-out with the blowout… I mean, it is in their name, after all! They are proud of their luxurious space where they’re able to beautify you in a way unmatched. With various signature styles from classy Cabaret to a spunky Spritzer (a quirkier, sassier look,) you’ll want the Blowout Bar to be your STL wedding hair and makeup team.

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Testimonials From Clients


Keely is a beautiful woman from St Louis. She works tirelessly as a NICU nurse. This is one of the more difficult careers, as it wears on your body, mind, and soul. After hours upon hours, days upon days, and weeks upon weeks on end… Keely got to a point where she needed some serious pampering. Being an STL NICU nurse is such a noble and selfless profession; but when you spend most of your time caring for others, you must find time to care for yourself. . .

Cue Blowout Bar! They are not only an STL bridal hair and makeup salon– they specialize in pampering anyone. That includes NICU nurses, brides, someone needing some girl time, anyone! Keely’s experience at Blowout Bar was just what she needed for rejuvenating her soul. And, she got a day to just feel pretty and feminine again.


Jennifer is a mom, wife, and works as an esthetician and at Pink Lemon Studio as a dance instructor. Talk about having a full plate! Jennifer knew she was running on fumes and needed to recenter and get some time away from all the hustle-and-bustle. I’m so grateful she gave me a call to book an STL boudoir photoshoot, as I got to meet this fierce lady and take some amazing photos! (Check out my blog post featuring her and those boudoir pictures here.) I use Blowout Bar as my go-to team, so we got to make this hard-working mommy feel sexy, special, and look as amazing as she felt! We had a great time shooting her boudoir photography over some mimosas. As she donned her most sensual outfits, she had the perfect hair and makeup to fit the style of our session.

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So maybe you’re looking for a quick hair blowout on your way to an important job interview. Perhaps want to have a girls day out and have a little bubbly while getting your hair done together. It could be that you need your makeup done before the big party going on later this evening. Or, the most paramount of occasions could be happening: maybe in just a few more hours, you’ll be walking down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams. Blowout Bar will always be my top recommendation for St Louis hair and makeup. They are, the best STL bridal hair and makeup salon. This is why I use them almost exclusively for my boudoir photography sessions.

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Telling isn’t selling– so I urge you to book with them today and see for yourself! While you’re getting beautified, also consider contacting me to talk about doing an STL boudoir photography session together. With all the confidence the salon will instill in you, you’ll want to capture it all on camera!

The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s // STL Wedding Venue

As a St. Louis boudoir photographer, I meet lots of wonderful women with great stories. A lot of these women are soon-to-be married and do their shoots for their soon-to-be husbands. Because I am an STL photographer, I feel I have a wealth of knowledge about the best vendors, such as amazing wedding venues. This post will be my first in a series sharing that knowledge. I want to help all of those STL brides find the best gems that St. Louis has to offer! Our first stop is at a magical wedding venue that is both unique and elegant. Today I’m taking you to The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s in St. Louis, MO.

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Photo courtesy of Connor Photography


The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s is a working chocolate factory in the heart of St. Louis. It truly captures the essence of hip modernity, but is still special enough to captivate your guests and keep them talking about your big day long after the fact. Being a chocolate factory, it should come as no surprise delectable chocolate treats are yours for the indulging in! And, trust me, my history in chocolate-eating can vouch for the amazing tastiness of their product. Along with the treats, they have chocolate-infused decor that doesn’t translate visually into something too over-the-top or kitschy. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and chic.

the caramel room at bissinger's tables and decor wedding photo/ st louis/see more at
Photo courtesy of Keith Lee Studios

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Photo courtesy of Keith Lee Studios

It is one of St. Louis’s newest, most sought-after wedding venues, and once you step inside, it’s easy to see why. With the gorgeous natural light, robust hardwood floors and sparkling chandeliers, you can imagine how well the pictures will turn out! Also, they have a breathtaking skyline view, as well as a beautiful terrace and scenic view of the river. Yes, this place really does have it all! Here’s a little more about what this wedding venue has to offer when you book.

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Photo courtesy of Erin Stubblefield Weddings

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Benefits of Booking

The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s has so many awesome aspects going for it as a St. Louis wedding venue. Along with the cool ambience and the special, different vibe to it, it has many amenities. I love venues that have both an indoor and outdoor space available for utilization. With the ability to have a rooftop wedding, The Caramel Room tops the list as one of my all-time favorite STL wedding venues! I mean, what an awesome concept. But, if you do want to use the outdoor facilities and it happens to rain or snow unexpectedly, their expert staff is always ready with a contingency plan.

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Photo courtesy of Carreto Studio Photography

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Photo Courtesy of The Rowlands

Their staff is carefully crafted with workers that are both knowledgeable and extremely competent. They are very much in love with what they do which translates into truly caring and working hard for the customer. The staff want your big day to go flawlessly, just like you do. The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s does have an event planner on staff, but they encourage you to hire a wedding planner. Since they host an impressive 150 weddings a year, you need to make sure to book about 18 months in advance.

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Photo courtesy of Keith Lee Studios

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Photo courtesy of Carreto Studio Photography

They have a max occupancy of 300 guests which is perfect for either an intimate, romantic event, or a larger wedding. As far as food goes, chocolate isn’t the only thing on the menu! Along with a sexy bar on campus, they offer a stunning menu that you and your guests can enjoy.

Not only does the Caramel Room at Bissinger’s in St. Louis, MO serve as a great wedding venue, but it can also be a nice event center for corporate affairs. It would be perfect if you’re tired of the blasé meeting at a hotel or in the back corner of a noisy restaurant.

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Photo courtesy of Carretto Studio Photography

If you have any doubt of the elegance or the artistic air of this event space or STL wedding venue, I suggest you check it out for yourself! Go ahead and snag yourself some sweet chocolate while there. The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s offers amenities unmatched by anyone in the region, and it’s charming decor and delicious desserts will enchant you and your guests. Make your wedding day the sweetest, most memorable one! Contact The Caramel Room here.

If you’re interested in my services as a St. Louis boudoir photographer, please contact me here! Not sure what that’s all about? Go ahead and check out a previous post of mine to get a good idea.