Self Confidence and Boudoir Photos//St. Louis, MO

Body image and confidence…  The client in the gym every day of the week who is a size 00 finds something to compromise her confidence. I have had plus size clients with gorgeous hair, skin, beautiful curves with confidence issues as well. The point is, we could all use a boost in confidence.

confident curvey women//denim button up shirt/ coffee cup// boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St. Louis, MO

Putting Others First

As women, we tend to put others ahead of ourselves. Woman balance  commitments, jobs, appointments, crazy, changing schedules. There is a constant demand for our attention. My clients are mothers, wives, girlfriends, students, caretakers, and/or mediators of never ending family drama.  It’s an exhausting cycle, which ends with us falling in bed at night, not remembering who we really are. Sure, sure… an occasional purchase of a new pair of jeans, make-up, or even jewelry, maybe a pedicure and manicure. If you think about it, how long do those treats give you that lasting confident feeling? Not long, right? Yep, you’re dragged back into the mundane and constant care of others.

white bra and panty set/ white lingerie// confidence// self love// long blonde hair// exercise// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St. Louis, MO

Here’s the point ladies. You are amazing, and if you took some time you would see that you deserve much more. It is easy to find yourself in a rut and tell yourself you don’t need to be spoiled. Take the time to simply indulge in a consult with me. Clients find that they have a sense of ease with me. I understand that imagining yourself in front of a camera with someone you hardly know can be daunting.  I love getting to know you at the initial consult. 

Our session together is super personal. The time with me is all about you. Mimosas to start, hair and makeup to feel your best, and time in front of the camera to prove your beauty!

New Found Confidence

I am proud to say that I have been able to exceed client exceptions in sessions.  Many women leave their sessions with a new found confidence. After seeing your photos, you can be confident in knowing that you really are gorgeous! 

curvey women// black heels// gray sweater//white fur rug// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St. Louis, MO

The year 2018 is the year to learn to love yourself. Boudoir by Tracy Lynn has started off with a bang! Clients tell me at the session or consult this is as gift for their significant other as well as a gift for themselves. All shapes and sizes have been in and every one has left feeling like a new woman.  

Your experience can be life changing. I want your session with me to positively impact the current chapter of life and your future self. Several clients have explained the life changing confidence they have gained which caused them to switch gears in their career to help other woman with confidence and body issues. It gives me “happy chills.” I love inspiring women to love themselves. Flaws are a sign of love, commitment, and hard work! Who you are as a confident, strong woman should be celebrated, not shamed and ridiculed. 

flannel scarf//victoria's secret underwear//knee high knit socks//cream chaise lounge// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St. Louis, MO


“Thank you much for taking  beautiful pictures. It was hard to not cry. It was crazy seeing myself that way. You did great job and helped me feel comfortable. Thank you again!”- Katrina

“Today made me feel beautiful! You girls are the sweetest! Down to Earth, I was uncomfortable for 3.2 seconds….. Such amazing work you do! EVERY woman should experience this.”- Brandy

“Having always had self image issues, Tracy truly brought out the natural beauty and confidence I didn’t realize I had. Her demeanor was calm and collected and made me comfortable. The photos are beyond gorgeous and I can’t wait to show them to my husband!! Truly top quality!!” – Liz

“Tracy made me feel gorgeous and comfortable. It was as if we had known each other for years. I’m grateful she captured these moments for my gift to my husband. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.”- Brittney

More Testimonials

“After my initial meeting with Tracy, I KNEW she would be the photographer I would chose for my boudoir photo session. Tracy has a calm, reassuring aura about her that instantly put me at ease. Tracy produce beautiful work. She personifies professionalism. I am extremely grateful for Tracy and her talent. She captured me in ways I hadn’t seen myself before. It has done wonders for my self confidence. After my photo shoot with Tracy, I left her studio feeling BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT- two words that I never thought I’d use to describe myself. I have a BEAUTIFUL album and wall portraits to document this chapter of my life, and I made a friend :)”- Ali.

Most Recent Testimonial from Heather

“The morning of my session, my significant other is watching me run around the house preparing everything I needed for his big birthday gift. He knew how anxious I was. This is totally outside of my comfort zone even though it was my idea. I wanted him to have something really special. He is an amazing person and deserves it. On the way to the shoot, driving in the car, he takes my hand and tells me that it’s all going to be fine, not to be nervous. He went on to tell me that he hopes that the photos show me how he looks at me every day. I am a very harsh judge on myself and don’t take compliments well. Tracy made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and the outcome was more than I could have asked for.

The ordering session was great, being able to see myself through her lens in a way I had never looked at myself before. For the first time in our relationship, I know how he sees me. I have never felt more beautiful and confident in myself.

The Best Part

The best part of this experience was that when the album was given to my boyfriend, he told me that he loved it but the real gift was how it made me feel. He saw the confidence that it gave me and he said I was glowing now. It’s amazing how a photo session can change your whole life. It has inspired me to work towards becoming a personal trainer and a fitness model. Instilling the feelings that Tracy gave me through something that wasn’t even supposed to be about me at all. Thank you so much for changing my life and showing me that it’s not about all the little things that I see as flaws but just how beautiful I am as a whole and how it makes me unique.”- Heather.

I truly hope you will take some time to gift yourself a dose of self confidence. This is the year to fall in love with you. Bonus, this can be a gift for him as well! 

Get in touch with me here to schedule your consultation with me!

Keely’s Session– Different Boudoir Looks

Meet Keely

I’m beyond thrilled to share with you my recent session with Keely. While Keely could be a model, she’s a nurse from St. Louis. They say not all superheros wear capes, and in Keely’s case, she’s in scrubs working long hours caring for infants in the NICU. By the end of her shift, she may not be feeling so glamorous– which is why I’m so glad she could treat herself to a boudoir session with me! Working with Keely was so fun and I’m excited to share her different boudoir looks with you!

Boudoir doesn’t have to just be lingerie! Keely’s wearing a long sleeve charcoal chemise with a matching thong. Black heels make the perfect sexy touch to this boudoir look// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St Louis

Prepping for the Session

Keely came to me so that she could gift herself some pampering and gorgeous photos– she also had the added bonus of a nice gift for her boyfriend. My friends from the Blowout Bar came to the studio to give Keely the star treatment of gorgeous curls and flawless makeup that highlight her beauty. And no boudoir session is complete without the wardrobe! There’s so much more than just lingerie to bring to a session (but we definitely have some sexy shots with lingerie, too!)

Comfy Meets Sexy

While lingerie is a great staple for boudoir photos, sessions are certainly not limited to only lingerie shots. This is where I love to get creative with my clients piece together sexy but cozy looks. I especially love topping the look off with a feminine touch. Keely opted for the relaxed, off the shoulder sweater in a neutral tone. A pair of cheeky, lacy panties in a seafoam and mint color make the perfect contrast to perfect this boudoir look. I love how the light drapes over her bare shoulders to complement her look.

An off the shoulder knit sweater in neutral colors perfectly paired with seafoam green cheeky, lacy panties// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.comSTL

Tried and True– Calvin Klein’s

I am a big believer of the classic, tried and true Calvin Klein lingerie. You just can’t go wrong with it. Even though it was really popular in the 90s, there’s a timeless quality with this casual look. Keely completed her Calvin look with a soft, grey t-shirt. While a t-shirt may seem very modest for a boudoir shoot, with the right posing and a sexy pair of Calvin Klein underwear, a t-shirt can actually work well! The simplicity of this outfit don’t distract from Keely’s beauty and I posed the photo so that we can see her gorgeous hair and makeup as well as her natural beauty.

You truly can’t go wrong with good old Calvin Klein. White Calvin Klein briefs with a soft, heather grey t shirt. This look is flawless with correct posing, lighting, and hair and makeup// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St. Louis

Jeans & Lingerie

They say less is more but I’m loving how this shot turned out with jeans– one of my favorites of the different boudoir looks. The looks becomes more casual for sure but the jeans, also with neutral and matching bra and heels, shift the focus a bit. There’s definitely a bit more nuanced appeal and I love how the gaze goes to the details like Kaylee’s tattoos and gorgeous physique. And it’s key to have the jeans open so there isn’t any pinching but also so that the details of a nice lace panty can peak through.

Dark wash blue jeans with seafoam/mint lace panties. Perfected with a black bra and tall black heels. photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL

Valentine’s day

Of course, you also can’t go wrong with lingerie in addition to your different boudoir looks. And if you haven’t treated yourself to new lingerie in a while, a Valentine’s boudoir session is the perfect excuse! Time is flying by so now is the time to book your Valentine’s session so that you can have your sexy souvenir for your honey. Regardless of your outfit preferences, we will get you feeling and looking sexy and help you get the perfect gift for your loved one!

To schedule your Valentine’s boudoir session, email me today at!

A classic lingerie pairing with an elegant bra and panty in neutral tones// Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

For More Session Inspiration from the Blog

Favorite Boudoir Outfits// STL

We all know fashion changes every season.  It is hard to stay on top of the new trends. Thankfully, I have clients and friends who help me keep up. I noticed as the year progressed, even my favorite boudoir outfits changed with the trends.

Recent Favorite Boudoir Outfits

I am going to make this an ongoing series a few times a year.   With summer coming to a close, lets talk about the last 4 months of boudoir outfits.

Calvin Klein’s

Calvin’s and an oversized tee are my favorite. Many of my girls choose this boudoir outfit and I will never argue about it.  It’s classy and understated. I can’t photograph it enough.

favorite boudoir outfits/boudoir shoulder shirt photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

favorite boudoir outfits//calvin klein//sexy//classy boudoir//st louis/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Thigh Highs and Tanks

Thigh highs and tanks are even better if they have cute sayings on them.  “I just want to drink coffee, save animals, and take naps.” ME TOO!!  These colors are gorgeous and go very well in my studio.

boudoir photography session coffee cup and socks photo/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Lacy Lingerie with a Classy Robe

There is something about this combination that I love. It’s feminine, shows off your curves and your legs, and screams boudoir. Pair it with classy heals and you have a gorgeous outfit.

favorite boudoir outfits//boudoir photography bra and kimono photo/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Snapback and Denim

I am not saying everyone should go buy a snapback and denim shirt.  If this fits your personality and style, bring it.  This turned out perfect and completely showed off Makayla’s style.

favorite boudoir outfits//snapback and denim shirt//boudoir photo//st louis//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Black on Black

This black scarf strategically placed and paired with black lace panties in this light gave me all the heart eyes.  Jennifer brought this outfit at the last second, and it turned out beautifully.  Other clients who show up with similar options have been pleasantly surprised as well!

black scarf//white fur rug//natural light//cream chaise lounge//makeup by blowout bar stl//black thong panties//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Body Suits

Body suits will forever win for me.  I hope they never ever go out of style.  Ever. They lengthen legs.  Body suits hide flaws. They can be comfortable and sexy.  You can’t lose.

boudoir photo//floral lace bodysuit//gray couch//natural light//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Crop Tops and Underwear

I love crop tops.  Literally love them. See the photo below for reasons why.  It’s fun and flirty. It’s sexy and powerful.  You have worked hard for your abs.  Show them off!

favorite boudoir outfits//crop top/jockey underwear/ stl/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

Satin and Lace Cami Short Set

Several clients have come with satin and lace cami and short sets. I can’t show you due to my privacy policy. I didn’t think I would like it.  You can get them at Victoria’s Secret or other lingerie boutiques.  I have several sexy poses for this outfit. On top of that, I would definitely wear this at home!

Book Your Session with Me Today

Book a consult with me to go over outfit choices to be sure you pick the best for your body type. This gives us a chance to get to know each other. You will be more comfortable with the experience this way! I’ll bring the mimosas. I promise it will be a blast! 🙂












Boudoir Photography Privacy Policy//STL

A clear boudoir photography privacy policy is important considering everyone knows everything about all things. Social media has made this possible.  I want to assure you that your images are safe with me.  Rest easy knowing I will never show them to anyone without permission.

Boudoir Photography Privacy Policy

boudoir photography privacy policy//coffee cup//comfy outfit//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at

I take my job as a boudoir photographer very seriously.  Your comfort is the main priority.  Discretion is something you should expect with boudoir photography.  Your career and your private life may depend on it.  I’m not going to be the one to jeopardize that.  Promise. Clients who choose to allow me to share their images sign a release form giving me written permission. If you are okay with your images being on social media/website, please bring it up at the ordering session.  🙂

Some clients love to have their images and the effort they put in shown off on social media and my website.  If you are one of these clients, I would LOVE to use your images.  I appreciate every client who allows this.

What if I only want a few photos shown?

That’s great.  Let me know which ones and I will gladly keep the private!  I will be forever appreciative as well. Several of the images I take may only show a part of the body.  The most private clients allow these to be shown as their privacy remains in tact.

boudoir photography privacy policy //privacy// long sleeve shirt/ black panties//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at louis

What is on the Release Form?

It says I have permission to share the images where I want.  I can use them on social media, my website, other forms of advertising, and competition.  If you choose to only allow certain images to be shown, we will add an addendum to the release form stating which ones you allow.  I follow that addendum to a tee.  I promise.

What about the digital downloads of the photos?

With the purchase of an album, digital files are included.  I upload these images onto an online gallery where you can download them.  The gallery is completely private.  I am the only one who has access to it and can share anything prior to emailing the client the link.  I know who logs into the gallery and when they last logged in.  The gallery expires after two weeks.  The client is to have downloaded AND backed up the images.  At expiration,  I delete the images from the online gallery.  They are backed up on my cloud and hard drives, but aren’t accessible to anyone except me.

Conclusion about the Boudoir Photography Privacy Policy

Honestly, if you really don’t want your images to be used, I won’t be offended or think less of you. My main concern is your privacy.  Don’t worry in the least about pressure to use them in my portfolio. 🙂 It won’t happen!

Other Information

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boudoir photography privacy policy//lace open shirt/ side boob/ boudoir by tracy brown//st louis, mo

Need more reasons to do a boudoir photoshoot?  Check out Jennifer’s session here. She said this about her experience

“A friend referred me, and Tracy exceeded my expectations! She was very professional. Still to this day, she continues to carry herself with such professionalism. She knew I had never done anything like this before. Tracy greeted me with a hand crafted champagne glass filled with a light mimosa. Not to mention her studio was so beautiful! Tracy offers a lot of natural lighting which makes the quality of photos extra special. We worked and we worked hard! She stayed completely engaged and was patient with me the entire time. Ladies, I recommend Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. She will provide a great experience while still feeling safe and comfortable. Dignity in private💜.”