Boudoir Album Versus Digitals/ STL

In this modern age of 2018, it’s tempting to forgo printing photos and just get your photos digitally. The problem with that? Digital files can disappear (well, not if you get photos with me– I back them up in 6 different places, 2 hard drives, my computer, and each have their own cloud backup). Regardless, I highly encourage my clients to  allow me to create and deliver a boudoir album after your session. I learned that lesson the hard way.

scarf and black lace panties/ black heels/ white fur rug/ chaise lounge/ Boudoir by Tracy Brown/ St Louis

When Digital Goes Wrong–

I heard once that this generation is going to be the most photographed generation with the least to show for it. I don’t think I have ever heard a more true statement.  We’re all guilty of it. Between Snapchat and Instastories, we are all taking photos. We rarely save the actual photos and if we do, it’s on our phone where we can easily lose them.

I have heard of clients who had their wedding photos given to them in digital format. They didn’t print them at the time, thinking they would get around to it eventually.  Ten or fifteen years later, things happen.  Maybe they lose the CD in a move, or just misplace it, but still they never end up printing their images. Now, there isn’t even anywhere to print the photos on considering it’s on a CD!

Isn’t it sad to think that some of us may not have images of our own lives to show our grandkids?  Didn’t you love looking at these of your grandparents?  I know I did and still do.

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The Lesson–

As technology changes rapidly, those digital files don’t always keep up. Remember when people used to get pictures on CDs? My Mac doesn’t even have a disk drive! Thumb drives and CDs can get damaged, files can get distorted, and digital images get lost. While digital can be a decent backup if you have a very sturdy hard drive and some cloud storage, prints are, in my opinion, the way to go. (Again, though, if you’re my client, you don’t have to worry about my hard drives crashing as I have them carefully backed up to 6 different places!)

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This is why I HIGHLY recommend my clients and friends get an album and prints of their photographs, from any session or photographer, whether it be your wedding, family photos, or a boudoir session. Really, we hire photographers to have tangible souvenirs of certain magical but fleeting moments of life. Digital files are not tangible and can become outdated. Print photos, if stored safely or displayed in a nice frame, can last.

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Boudoir Album– It’s all about quality

Also, I would recommend that you get your prints through your photographer. For me, I am very serious about the quality of prints for my clients and thoroughly assess prospective vendors before I choose to collaborate with them. My lab is professional quality and I carefully hand picked it because of the high quality of their photo processing. That being said, getting prints through your photographer will be of a MUCH better quality than if you go to the grocery store or drugstore’s photo developers.

Sheer Red Sexy bralette with Dark Lace Details/lavendar hair/light pink nail polish/ glossy lipstick/ Boudoir by Tracy Brown/ STL

So, when you have a professional photography session, make sure you have something to take away. Digital files probably won’t last. Make those memories tangible. Learn from other’s mistakes and just go ahead and get those albums and prints.

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Why You Should Get that Wall Portrait // St Louis Boudoir Photography

Boudoir Photography & Wall Portraits

When you think of boudoir photography, you probably think of a very intimate and private experience– which in many ways it is. The only people at your session are you, the hair and makeup artist, and me. And perhaps you want an album to take away from your session that’s just for you and your partner to look at tucked away from the kids and the rest of the world. While I definitely want my clients to walk away with an album as a tangible memory, I want them to consider getting a wall portrait along with their album to show the world!

Okay, I’m not talking about the sexiest, raciest of your photos and have you prominently displayed over your mantle in your lingerie, unless you want to! Those photos you can keep in your album. But there are so many kinds of boudoir photos that you can display in great taste! My gorgeous client Alli got an album and a few wall portraits– you can see them on the post about her session here! <
Oversized white button down– perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL

Why You Should Consider a Wall Portrait With Your Album

Here’s the biggest reason why you should get a wall portrait: YOU are BEAUTIFUL! So often we forget and get caught up in limiting beliefs about ourselves and negative self-talk. I devote my life to boudoir photography to help women realize their beauty and how amazing they are. Your wall portrait serves as a visual cue to remind you how beautiful and worthy you are!

Self Esteem Boost

Psychologically, it has been proven that photographs on the wall will help boost your self esteem. Most of us are doing a boudoir session to boost our self esteem right? I think it’s fair to say that many of us haven’t felt super beautiful or glamorous since our college days or our wedding days (which I think is really sad!). So, we book a boudoir session for our significant other, but really the session ends up being for ourselves– which is a good thing!
Comfy scoop neck grey sweater and light grey knit knee high socks- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL

Exuding Confidence, Tastefully

I understand that many of my clients have kids so thinking about displaying a boudoir portrait feels…wrong. Well, I get that! I have many appropriate outfit ideas below that won’t scar them for life, I promise! But here’s the thing, when you’re showing how confident you are, you’re modeling that attitude of self love and acceptance to your kids. I’m no child expert, but it will likely help your children feel more confident in themselves if they see how confident you are in yourself!

Outfit Ideas for the wall portrait

Now let’s talk about how to choose the right portrait outfit that’s self-esteem boosting AND appropriate for young eyes!

Comfy Sweater and Knee High Socks

Comfy sweater and knee high socks- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL
So you can radiate confidence while feeling cozy!


Pink bodysuit paired perfectly with a chambray long sleeve - perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St Louis
A personal and fan favorite! Just like a swimsuit! Good American is a favorite of mine for a gorgeous bodysuit!

Lingerie with a Robe

lingerie covered up by a black robe - perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at St. Louis
Exude that self-esteem with a little modesty.

Your Legs

gorgeous legs with patent heels- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL
Legs are actually perfect for wall portraits!

Now is the Time! No More Excuses and No More Regrets

I know this sounds cliché but you are perfect the way you are– there is only one of you!  And honestly, life is too short and is worth celebrating. How many years have you wasted giving excuses like wanting to lose though 10 pounds, growing out your hair, or waiting until after running a marathon so that you look ripped, etc. Do you remember the first time you thought this? I do– I was in college. What!? I would give anything to look like I did in college now. You are as young as you will ever be right now! Your body is worth celebrating– it does amazing things for you! Every minute of life is a gift, and they are too precious to waste on regrets.
Comfy off the shoulder dark blush sweater and knee high socks- perfect for boudoir photography wall portraits!// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at STL

Final Thoughts

Of course a lot more is involved in having a strong self-esteem and sense of self, but I promise you that boudoir photography is an amazing way to not only pamper yourself but also help you realize how awesome and beautiful you are!

If you’re ready to schedule your boudoir session and treat yourself to a beautiful album and portrait, click here to send me an email at!