Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photos//STL

What man doesn’t want photos of his girl in lingerie for Valentine’s Day?  Boudoir photos really make a great Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift! A beautiful, classy album filled with tasteful, yet sexy photos of you will thrill him and skyrocket your confidence level.

pink lace body suit//victoria's secret//classy boudoir photo//st. louis, mo boudoir photographer//see more at

What to Wear for your Valentine’s Day Boudoir Session?

Honestly, wear the same thing to your Valentine’s Day session that you would wear for any boudoir session! Props are great, but let’s make this something that could have been taken at any time.

I love bodysuits, off the shoulder sweaters, silk robes, and, of course, make sure you have 1-2 matching lace bra/panty sets.  You cannot go wrong with that look. Heels are a must to lengthen your legs and maybe some thigh highs and a garter set, too.

I love, love, love thigh high socks with off the shoulder tees and lace underwear during the winter.  If you can find this, we will have a great variety of sexy/cozy images for your album!

red lace body suit//victoria's secret// white brick wall//classy boudoir photo//st. louis, mo boudoir photographer//see more at

Session Prep Tips

Check out this blog post for tips to prep for your session! The main thing is to be sure you are drinking plenty of water.  I also recommend a spray tan with Missy at Just Fakin Tans.

Enjoy your holiday eating as well.  I know it may make you self conscious during your photo session, but I can retouch the imperfections so your photos will look like you really do the rest of the year.  Magic. 😉  I am all about enjoying this time of the year.  You can work out and get back to your pre and post holiday diet after the new year.

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When to schedule for Valentine’s Day Delivery?

NOW! I’m not kidding.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, literally 7 weeks after Christmas.  At the very latest, January 22, 2019 is the last day I could photograph the session in order to get your album back to you in time! And that is really, really pushing it. Schedule now because you need time to prep your outfits, too.

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How to schedule your session?

Email me at and we will set something up!

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

Time to Be Selfish

It’s so easy to get swept up in caring for everyone around us that we forget to care for ourselves. The reasons can range from I have no time, it’s too expensive– my husband needs me to get him that particular thing at the store, my kids need to be drop them off at soccer or art lessons, my dog needs this one particular treat that I can only get at the store across town. As you well know, the list goes on. I am here to tell you that you are important with the Black Friday sale!

gray sweater//black heels//black friday sale//cyber monday sale// 2018//see more at

Of course, we want to support our loved ones but often we lose sight of our own personal needs. Caring for yourself is indeed not selfish– it’s essential because if we ourselves are not in a solid mental and physical space, we can’t actually care for others around us. It’s a bit of a hierarchy. So really, caring for yourself or being selfish is the least selfish thing you can do! So perhaps a special offer boudoir sale is right up your alley 😉

You’re allowed and need to prioritize yourself from time to time. And I am so excited to offer you an amazing experience as a Black Friday to Cyber Monday Sale– but you have to act fast!

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The Special Offer for Black Friday to Cyber Monday!

For clients who book from Black Friday– November 23, 2018– until Cyber Monday– November 26, 2018, for $99, you get

– 1 hour photo session
hair and makeup
– 3 outfit changes
– $150 print credit

I am so excited to offer this deal to you! But you have to act fast! I only have eight sessions available! For this special offer, sessions must be scheduled in March or April of 2019.

All you have to do is send me an email– to claim your session for this special boudoir offer and schedule your Black Friday Sale session for this spring!

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Girl’s Day Out// St. Louis, MO

Recently, I have had several clients booking boudoir sessions as a girl’s day out activity.  You get to hang out with your best friends, drink mimosas, be pampered with hair and makeup, and have some beautiful photos and memories!

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A Boudoir Session May be the Best Girl’s Day Out Idea

Life is stressful between work and your daily responsibilities! What better way to relax a little than to treat yourself with a session to feel beautiful while hanging out with your best friends.  After the sessions, you can have a night out in downtown St. Louis.  You will have your hair and makeup done(by the fabulous Blowout Bar STL) after all!

girls day out//st louis, mo//boudoir session//hair and makeup//mimosas//see more at

Bachelorette Parties

Another great reason for a Girl’s Day Out Session are Bachelorette parties.  For these, I would choose a few of the bride’s best friends. Meet the rest of the group later that night for the rest of the party! This way the bride gets the best possible session AND will be able to create an amazing groom’s gift at the same time!


How do they work?

For typical sessions, hair and makeup takes place at the Blowout Bar’s salon on Washington Avenue, right down the street from my studio.  For Girl’s Day Out sessions, my hair and makeup comes to the studio so everyone can hang out and enjoy each other’s company!

I recommend the 1.5 hour session for each session, which each girl pays separately. There is a max limit of 3 clients for these session due to studio light during the day and we usually start hair and makeup at 10am.  One week later, all three of you will come back to the studio for the ordering session to pick out your beautiful album!

girls day out//st louis, mo//boudoir session//white cotton bodysuit//brick wall//hair and makeup//mimosas//see more at

How to book?

This is the easy part! Just email me at 🙂

Can you use this with the Black Friday Sale?

OF COURSE!  And that is coming up in a week.  Visit this link to find out how to book your Black Friday session.

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Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//Celebrate You

This blog post may be a bit different.  Summer brought a huge change for me. Divorce really shifts your outlook on a lot of things, and that’s exactly what happened.  I wasn’t sure of whether or not to share this piece of my life or even how to– but I felt like it was important to let you all in on what has been going on. Welcome to Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. What has stayed consistent is my business, despite a little name change 😉

A few of you may have noticed my social media wasn’t as on point as it normally is. With some help from my amazing assistant, I was able to maintain my blog and newsletters, so most of you probably didn’t notice a difference in that. I took some time for me this summer to decide what I really want out of my life and career.  My life did change, but the business is still focusing on celebrating my clients!

maddie moore//meals by maddie/ red lingerie body suit//natural light//see more at

Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

boudoir by tracy lynn// st louis mo// boudoir photographer// see more at

I have been told by a few people to not talk about my divorce in regards to work, but it’s part of my life and I try to be open with my clients about my life. The only real change you will even notice in the business is that I am changing the business name. Instead of Boudoir by Tracy Brown, I am switching it to Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. My main focus is STILL my clients and helping each of you to see exactly how amazing and beautiful you really are.

Celebrating my clients

black lingerie//off the shoulder//sexy black garter set//boudoir by tracy lynn//see more at

In order to celebrate my clients, I have some exciting things coming your way! Just to name a few, the Black Friday sale is coming up in a few weeks (Black Friday obviously).  It was such a huge hit last year that I am bringing it back! I also have some really cool open houses on the books for next year, once we all survive Christmas.

My most exciting announcement

black body suit//magic suit//plus size boudoir photo//see more at

The biggest and most exciting thing is the Boudoir by Tracy Lynn Club.  This exclusive membership club will allow you to have one session a year, PLUS cover charge to special events at the studio, and perks at my favorite local businesses, including Becker Built Bodies, Meals by Maddie, Splash Beauty, Just Fakin Tans, Nurse Lauren, Pink Lemon Studios, and the list keeps growing. This announcement will be coming to your email inbox soon so be sure sign up for the email list to be in the know. Keep on the lookout!

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Groom’s Gift: A Bridal Boudoir Album

A bridal boudoir sessions makes the perfect groom’s gift for the wedding day. It’s an intimate gift he will never forget and will appreciate forever. Remember, your wedding day is a day that won’t happen again. This album will help you both cherish the day even more than you already will.

The Groom’s Gift: How to Give it to Him

What I really want to talk about, though, is how to gift it to him.  This is a common question I get from my brides.  There are so many options!

bridal boudoir//grooms gift//sheer curtains//implied nude//see more at

The Wedding Day

You are giving him a gift anyway, so the obvious answer is to give it to him when the bride traditionally gives the groom his gift. I have had several clients gift it this way, but it honestly depends on your comfort level.  The only thing I recommend is making sure his groomsmen aren’t around when he opens it in this situation!

groom's gift//boudoir album//see more at

Another option is to give him a super sweet note explaining that he will get his gift later and it will be worth the wait. Maybe even give him a sneak peak of one of the photos.  Some of my brides add on The Miami album that I offer, which is small folio album perfect for his desk. This album could have a less risqué photos in it that would be nice for him to have in the office.

groom's gift//bridal boudoir album//see more at

groom's gift//bridal boudoir album//see more at

After the Rehearsal Dinner

Most couples spend a few minutes after the rehearsal dinner alone before the go their separate ways for the night. At this point some bride’s give the groom’s gift to him so she can see his reaction first hand.  This is a super sweet and intimate way to get excited for the wedding day!

bridal boudoir//groom's fit//black lace body suit//white socks// see more at

Wedding Night

After the wedding, you will both be so exhausted from such a long and super fun day! What better way than to come back home(or to your hotel room) than to have your album laid out on the bed waiting for him to open?

groom's gift//wedding night//bridal boudoir session// see more at

At the Honeymoon

One other option is to give the groom’s gift on the honeymoon! What a way to extend the wedding excitement than to wait to give him the gift after the wedding is over.  The only problem with I can see with this is packing it around for a few weeks if you are taking a long honeymoon! Otherwise this is a great idea. 🙂

By the way, for honeymoon destination ideas, check out this blog post.

bridal boudoir//groom's gift//louboutin heels// lace panties//white sheets// see more at

The Groom’s Gift

Whatever way you decide, he is going to love the album because he loves you. These are just a few options of how to gift it to him, but there are so many other ways!

Remember, although this gift is for him, it’s also a gift for you. Going into the wedding, you will have all of the confidence in the world after I show you how truly beautiful you are during your boudoir session.

Book your session about 2-3 months prior to your wedding to give me plenty of time to perfect your album. It will be the most fun thing you do in preparation for the wedding.  I promise. 🙂

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Wedding Day Photographers

Have you chosen one yet?  Try any of these.  They are some of my favorites that I know personally!

Laura Ann Miller Photography

Joel Conner

Image Clairity

groom's gift//bridal boudoir//see more at

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2018 Christmas Boudoir Sessions

Yes I know.  It’s August, but 2018 Christmas is right around the corner.  Think about it- it’s really only 4 months.  If you want to have your album by Christmas, it’s time to get scheduled so you can miss the Christmas rush.

The Boudoir Photography Process

In all honesty, the boudoir photography session process takes anywhere from 6-12 weeks from start to finish. Let’s say we schedule your consult next week (August 12).  Then, at the consult we decide to schedule your actual session on August 27 in order to give you time to shop after hearing my outfit suggestions in person.  The following week(September 2,3) is Labor Day weekend so everyone is busy, so we schedule your ordering session on September 10.  At that time, we put your album together, then I have to retouch them and send them off to my lab, which can take 4-8 weeks depending on the album you choose.  So in all, although we started your session process August 12, it could be October 14 to November 11 before I’m able to deliver your album.

2018 christmas//boudoir photo//coffee cup//reading//glasses//sexy//bra//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO

So 8-12 weeks after your initial consult, you would have the album in your hands.  Yes I can rush it once we get closer to Christmas if you are a last minute planner, but, heads up, there is a rush fee.  Save some money and stress for yourself by planning ahead!

2018 Christmas Gifts

I think a boudoir session is the perfect gift for 2018 Christmas.  It’s honestly a gift for you and a gift for him.  You get to feel like the most beautiful woman in the world for the day, which is a gift that you really remember long term  You get to be pampered with hair and makeup by my girls at The Blowout Bar.  He gets a gift of you looking absolutely gorgeous.

2018 christmas gift//off the shoulder knit sweater in neutral colors perfectly paired with seafoam green cheeky, lacy panties// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL


I have written about albums in a previous blog post that you can check out here. What I really want to talk about here though are the different album options I have.  There is honestly something for every budget, from smaller, more budget friendly albums, to the albums that I have imported and handmade from Italy.

Albums are where you will find the most value, so they are the most popular choice for gifts. A lot of the images from a boudoir session are those you would want to keep for your husbands eyes only as well, and are easier to hide away in an album.

2018 Christmas gift//boudoir album//boudoir photo//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO 2018 Christmas gift//boudoir album//boudoir photo//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO 2018 Christmas gift//boudoir album//boudoir photo//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO

Wall Portraits

Although these photos are for your husbands eyes only, I don’t want you to think you can’t have a wall portrait as well.  We will take some very classy photos of you during the session that will look amazing on your wall.  See the photo below. This wouldn’t be something you need to hide from kids or your parents when they come over!

2018 Christmas gift//white fur rug//pink bodysuit//lavendar hair//natural light//boudoir photo//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO

Outdoor Boudoir Photos

Don’t rule out some super classy outdoor boudoir photos for your 2018 Christmas gifts! Fall will be the perfect time to photograph these sessions- not so hot your makeup melts off, and beautiful fall colors!

2018 Christmas gift//outdoor boudoir photo//cream lace//hair and makeup//rocks//southern illinois boudoir photo//boudoir photo//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO 2018 Christmas gift//outdoor boudoir photo//tall grass//denim shirt and leather boots//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO 2018 Christmas gift//outdoor boudoir photo//peach bodysuit//white lace robe//leather belt// blue sky//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO 2018 Christmas gift//outdoor boudoir photo//creek photo//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO

Book Your Christmas Session in August and September and receive a $50 print credit!

Just be sure to mention this blog post when you email to book. 🙂

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Plus Size Boudoir Outfits//St. Louis, MO

Ashley Morgan from the blog Ashley Morgan: A Life and Style Blog came into the studio a few weeks ago for a photo session to feature some of her favorite plus size boudoir outfits.  She has actually been in the studio before for a session, and she is one of my favorite clients!

This my all time favorite photo from a previous session with Ashley!

plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Plus Size Boudoir Outfits

Ashley brought several different options to her session, including a couple of swim suits, which looked so cute, two sweaters, and a pair of jeans with a pretty red bra!

The Miraclesuit

I had honestly never heard of the Miraclesuit prior to Ashley’s session.  After seeing how great the two swimsuits helped her curves look, I decided to do some research.  These suits are SO GREAT! Their motto is to make you “feel and look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds” which is something everyone wants to achieve!

The suit below is the New Sensations Madero Swimsuit in Black.

plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

The one thing I want to mention is that the suits are a bit pricier, but I think we all would agree if the price is worth it, we will splurge! Also, they have a sale page… You could always start there!

This suit below is also by Miraclesuit and is called the So Riche Zip Code Swimsuit in the color Nile. P.S. I love these sunglasses.

plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.


Ashley always find the cutest most flattering sweaters. This black one from Express is fitted, and I really love the detail. It really shows off her beautiful shape!

Hallie HAD to jump in on this photo.  She loves to model. 🙂

plus size boudoir photo//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. plus size boudoir/see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Mustard color is really in this year.  The cardigan from Charlotte Russe allows us to bring the sweater off the shoulder which brings a bit more sexiness into the photos.  I really love cardigans because they also give you something to do with your hands. 🙂

plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

The last option

Bra and panty sets can be hit or miss with plus size boudoir outfits.  This one was definitely a hit.  It always depends on how flattering the jeans (from Old Navy) are to your figure, which is hard to decide unless you bring several different pairs to the session.  These worked well because they were high waisted but not too high and more fitted. For future reference, loose jeans do not work at all!

The Bra is from Victoria’s Secret!

see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL//plus  size boudoir//

Some other ideas

Body suits with thongs are probably my go to.  You can find them at Torrid or Forever 21.  Be sure to check out this post for some links to both.

Robes.  Like the cardigans above, they give you something to do with your hands AND are usually more fitted, flowy, and sexy.

High heels.  Be sure they are pumps! They will lengthen your legs!

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Boudoir is for Every.Body

Plus Size Boudoir

Women come in all shapes and sizes.  Beauty is found in every single person.  There’s a difference in the confidence and attitudes of plus size women.  While some women embrace their curves, others are embarrassed. My mission in life is to help show every woman how gorgeous they are – just as they are, right now, through boudoir photography in my St. Louis, MO studio.  Step one in this plus size boudoir process is knowing what to wear to flatter your figure.  Also, see a past boudoir session of a curvy client. I will take care of the rest once you are in the studio!

women with curves//cheetah print sweater//black lace underwear//thigh high stockings//white fur rug//composite boudoir see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Accentuating your curves

I love the clothing choice in the above photo.  The cropped sweater was tighter at the waist giving the illusion that her waist is smaller than it is.  Halley is one of those curvey women with a smaller waist, and this sweater definitely accentuated it.  She also chose black cheeky underwear that were a size too big, which allowed her to pull them a bit higher on her waist, lengthening her legs and showing off her curves even better.

Another way to do this is to have a loose yet fitted sweater. A favorite of mine is an off the shoulder sweater.  Check this one out from torrid. Maybe I love this one so much because I love faded colors right now?  Another option is this one from Amazon.  P.S. Navy looks so good in the studio.


black body suit//shadows//chaise lounge//curves//plus-sized women//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Bodysuits are tough. You really want to avoid bodysuits that aren’t a thong because they aren’t as flattering without the thong cut on bottom. Plus-sized stores don’t often have thong booty bodysuits, but I found a few options on Amazon.  This lace one is my favorite.

Forever21 also has very cute options. They are high waisted and typically either cheeky or thongs. Also, this bodysuit is one of my favorites from their online store.

High-waisted underwear

High-waisted underwear does the same thing that the cropped sweater does to accentuate your curves. It finds the smallest part of your waist line and hugs it. The trick with this is similar to the bodysuit issue.  You want wear cheeky or thong underwear.  Bikinis and boy shorts aren’t super flattering to your booty.  We have to show that thing off, right?

black high waisted panties//curves//plus-sized women//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

I particularly love these high waisted underwear from Torrid. Another option is this black bra/panty set from Amazon, which is one of the cutest I have seen.  It can be a bit risky to buy your lingerie without trying it on first, though; you never really know how the underwear will fit when ordering off Amazon.  Hopefully, if you order far enough in advance, you can return them if they don’t fit– this will give you ample time to get the size you need!


Robes are a great option as an accessory or even as a way to cover up those areas you prefer to hide. My favorite time to use a robe is in sitting poses.  All women, no matter the size, have a skin roll at your stomach while sitting.  Robes are the perfect way to hide those little “imperfections”. It’s a great clothing option to add something a little different in your boudoir album as well. See the photos below to see how we incorporated one in this client’s session.

black lace thong//black lace bra//black chaise lounge//animal print robe//jewelry curves//plus-sized women//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

black lace thong//black lace bra//black chaise lounge//marble robe//jewelry curves//plus-sized women//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Lengthen your legs

They say the longer you are, the thinner you look, right?  Thus Pumps are probably the best option in this scenario because it gives you a few extra inches from heel to the toe of the pump on top of the 4-5 inches of the stiletto.  Speaking of, some of you love wedges, but please know wedges don’t photograph very well. I keep a pair of black 6’s, 7.5’s, and 9’s in the studio. Most women will fit in one of those sizes.  If not, check out Amazon for a pair of standard black pumps. It should be a staple in your closet anyway right?

If you are short, don’t wear thigh high anything (socks, shoes, etc) in your photos.  It will shorten your legs way too much!

black bodysuit//cream chaise lounge// curves//plus size boudoir//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Things curvey women should avoid

I am not going to show samples of this bullet point.  That’s not fair to anyone! These points are standard no-no’s for all sizes, not just curvey women.

  • Corsets.
  • Jeans. This is hard no matter your size.  If you choose the exact right pair of jeans, the photos turn out amazing.  If you don’t, they are a total flop. It’s a tough one to get right.
  • Boy shorts or bikini underwear.
  • Sheer anything. It sounds good in theory.  It just doesn’t photograph well.
  • Wedge shoes.

Places to shop

posing on bed with sheets//boudoir photography//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Final thoughts

What to wear is just the basics of how to get the most out of your boudoir photography session, whether you have curves or not.  Trust me when I tell you that I will pose you from head to fingers to toes– no need to worry at all about that!  Your boudoir session will be a day of pampering followed by the experience of a lifetime which will have you leaving you feeling better than Beyonce. Your confidence will skyrocket, and your man will have an album he won’t want to put down!

What are some clothing options you have thought about wearing to a boudoir session? I would love to hear from you. Join my email list (top left if you are browsing from your computer) and let me know your thoughts!








Boudoir Photos and Tan Lines

Tan lines are something that causes worry for most women prior to their summer boudoir sessions.  Vacations, lake or pool days, and summer activities all contribute to those lines. The good news is there are ways to cover them!

In May, I spent quite a bit of time discussing tanning for boudoir sessions.  Aside from prevention, the best way to cover tan lines is booking a session with tanning specialist, Missy, from Just Fakin’ Tans.

how to fix tan lines for your boudoir session//pineapples//spray tan//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Spray Tans are your best option.

A few weeks ago, I had my first spray tan with Just Fakin’ Tans.  Hands down, it was the best spray tan I have ever had! The mini contour was my favorite part, but on women with actual muscles it would be even better.

Missy is trained by the best in her industry, and it’s very obvious that she takes her art seriously.  This is the most even spray tan I have EVER had and she is prepared for ANYTHING you may need, from a hair tie to caps to cover your hair, or even sticky sandals for your feet.

While getting spray tanned, Missy mentioned I had a few tan lines also, which honestly is a surprise to me because I don’t tan well at all.  She spent extra time specifically working on her magic on my tan lines.  By the time she was done, it looked like I had the most even tan ever!

how to fix tan lines for your boudoir session//flower bodysuit//outdoor boudoir photo//spray tan//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

But what if you have intense tan lines because you spend all summer outside?

I specifically asked Missy this question. She said it’s no problem at all and the solution easily masks tan lines, whether it’s for a boudoir session, your wedding, or just to feel better about yourself! She granted permission to spend your summer outside enjoying life instead of inside preventing tan lines.

how to fix tan lines for your boudoir session//white fur rug//tan crop top sweater//cream chaise lounge//ice light//ankle booties//cream thong//spray tan//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Don’t forget that SPF though!

Even though you now officially get to set your worry aside, don’t forget to wear your SPF, please.  Let’s prevent skin cancer and early aging of your skin. 🙂

how to fix tan lines for your boudoir session// white whatever crop top//thigh high black boots//spray tan//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.


Don’t forget to sign up for the Botox Party in August. Here’s the link for more information!

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boudoir photographer in St. louis missouir//see more at

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Boudoir Photography Facebook Group

Everyone has a Facebook profile these days, right?  I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, but nonetheless I am on it every day! One thing I love about Facebook is my Facebook group, Boudoir by Tracy Lynn-  The Private Group.

If you’ve followed my blog for long at all, you know I think boudoir sessions can change your life and outlook on yourself and your body. The Facebook group has been discussing this topic all month and I love the responses!

see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

Boudoir and Confidence Issues

One of the group members was discussing how she doesn’t feel beautiful and couldn’t see herself doing a session.

Before I go further, I want to mention I don’t check social media super often.  Occasionally, I will go a few days without checking the posts in the group, but everyone is so great about chiming in when needed.

Back to this post I was talking about.  A few of my previous clients took the time to comment about how their session changed their lives.  Not only did they have beautiful photos, but they were able to see themselves completely differently than they did before.

natural light boudoir photo//white fur rug//window light//lavendar hair//pink bodysuit//st louis, mo photographer// see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

A comment on the post

“I used to feel this way too but then I did a session with Tracy and she makes you feel amazing in your own skin. I’m a mom of 4 and my body is not anywhere near some of the more model types… my pictures turned out absolutely stunning. I was very apprehensive about doing a session because I couldn’t picture myself looking good photographed that way either. After my session she completely changed my way of thinking about how I looked at myself and other women. We can all look beautiful photographed this way because we are all beautiful no matter what shape or size we are.”

outdoor boudoir photo//green lace bodysuit//rocks in creek//laying down pose//see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

And another…

“No matter what size a woman is, we have all had our struggles. I was anorexic for many many years and still struggle with it at times. It left me with a horrible body image and much self-loathing. At the age of 36, I still couldn’t accept myself and my body….

Then, I found Tracy and I knew that I needed to do something so I could see myself as beautiful as others do. Doing this photo shoot was one of the best things I could have done for myself. Tracy will tell you that I was extremely hard on myself when I saw the photos for the first time. All I saw were the flaws and imperfections. But then she helped me see the beauty in my photos and in myself. Now I am so proud of how I look and how the photos turned out. I show everyone I can! And when I see one of my photos posted on FB or Instagram, it just lights up my day. Take a chance on yourself and know you are beautiful. :)”

calvin klein bra and panty set with calvin klein shorts// boudoir photo// see more at photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL.

More about the group

This specific post was about whether or not you could ever see yourself doing more than one session. So many of my previous clients chimed in and said absolutely! Many have already scheduled their next session because they feel so empowered and so beautiful in their own skin- seriously, my job is amazing.

Not only do we talk about empowerment and confidence, but we also talk about weddings, Netflix, books, wardrobe, tans, makeup and hair, and anything else you can think of! I also host a weekly drawing for a Starbucks gift card! Who doesn’t want that?

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The best part?

The group is all women! You don’t have to worry about some creepy dude checking out our conversations.  We can discuss whatever we want!

Take a minute to join the group and the conversation!

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