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This blog post may be a bit different.  Summer brought a huge change for me. Divorce really shifts your outlook on a lot of things, and that’s exactly what happened.  I wasn’t sure of whether or not to share this piece of my life or even how to– but I felt like it was important to let you all in on what has been going on. Welcome to Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. What has stayed consistent is my business, despite a little name change 😉

A few of you may have noticed my social media wasn’t as on point as it normally is. With some help from my amazing assistant, I was able to maintain my blog and newsletters, so most of you probably didn’t notice a difference in that. I took some time for me this summer to decide what I really want out of my life and career.  My life did change, but the business is still focusing on celebrating my clients!

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Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

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I have been told by a few people to not talk about my divorce in regards to work, but it’s part of my life and I try to be open with my clients about my life. The only real change you will even notice in the business is that I am changing the business name. Instead of Boudoir by Tracy Brown, I am switching it to Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. My main focus is STILL my clients and helping each of you to see exactly how amazing and beautiful you really are.

Celebrating my clients

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In order to celebrate my clients, I have some exciting things coming your way! Just to name a few, the Black Friday sale is coming up in a few weeks (Black Friday obviously).  It was such a huge hit last year that I am bringing it back! I also have some really cool open houses on the books for next year, once we all survive Christmas.

My most exciting announcement

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The biggest and most exciting thing is the Boudoir by Tracy Lynn Club.  This exclusive membership club will allow you to have one session a year, PLUS cover charge to special events at the studio, and perks at my favorite local businesses, including Becker Built Bodies, Meals by Maddie, Splash Beauty, Just Fakin Tans, Nurse Lauren, Pink Lemon Studios, and the list keeps growing. This announcement will be coming to your email inbox soon so be sure sign up for the email list to be in the know. Keep on the lookout!

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