STL Date Night Restaurants

Want to know a secret? Anyone from STL or Missouri, in general, may not like me anymore if I tell you, though.

I don’t like St. Louis style pizza.

“Wait. You don’t like Imo’s, Tracy?”

I know. I know. It’s a sin.

It’s like a cracker crust. I’d have to eat the whole pizza to feel like I’m not hungry anymore.

I’m from Carbondale, IL, where we have Quatros. “Call 549-5326, Quatro’s Deep Pan Pizza.” I totally just sang that. It’s so good.

My boyfriend’s from Missouri, not STL, but he can’t believe I don’t like Imo’s.

P.S. He’s also not a big fan of Quatro’s if you were wondering. He goes if I ask, but he doesn’t love it.

Anyway, St. Louis has some of the best food and restaurants in the midwest. While STL is famous for T-Ravs, gooey butter cake, provel cheese, and St. Louis style pizza, there is so much more to try. What better time to try some new places than during an STL date night?

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Annie Guns, the Perfect STL Date Night Location

I’m pretty sure the month I moved to STL, I started hearing about Annie Guns, yet still I haven’t been. Located in Chesterfield, MO, it is one of the go to’s for several of my clients as well as a few of my friends.

Their motto is “Food and wines inspired by the richness of country life.” They also use local produce to support local farmers, which I love.

If you are planning a date night to Annie Guns, be sure to book a reservation! You can book online or use OpenTable.

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or…Charlie Gittos

Charlie Gittos is definitely my favorite STL date night Italian restaurant. I’m going to be honest, I think it’s because I love gnocchi, but their other dishes are great as well.

There are three location in STL- the Hill, Chesterfield, and at Hollywood Casino. Weekend and special occasion reservations are a must! You can use OpenTable to make your reservation here too.

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Maybe… Brasserie by niche?

I’ve been to this restaurant once with a group of girls. It was really good and the feel of the restaurant is very intimate. Brasserie by Niche will make a great STL date night location! It’s located around Maryland Plaza in St. Louis.

Have you tried Eleven Eleven Mississippi?

Named after the street address, Eleven Eleven Mississippi serves award-winning Tuscan/Californian cuisine. Everything is made from scratch with fresh seasonal ingredients, most grown in the restaurant’s own commercial hydrophonic greenhouse.

Be sure to make a reservation for this great restaurant!

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End the night with Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

After you have been to any of the restaurants previously mentioned, be sure to stop at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar for dessert and drinks! It’s a romantic quiet lounge that you both will enjoy, especially with any of the dessert options they have.

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Summer Vacation Ideas for St. Louis

Summer vacation is right around the corner. Have you started planning your vacay yet?? There are so many options that it can be overwhelming. Last spring I wrote a similar blog post you should check out. This time I want to discuss cruise options, all inclusive resorts, and local travel(heyyy Branson, MO).

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Have you tried looking up cruises? Because oh my gosh, it is overwhelming. There are so many cruise lines, so many places to go, different ports to choose, different lengths, different ship sizes. How do you choose the best one? I have talked to a few friends who have been on some, and everyone says Royal Caribbean and Carnival are pretty similar in general. Disney cruises are great for entertaining kids and just a lot of fun. I’m sure Disney will be super busy during the summer since kids are out of school, so book early.

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Cruises can range in length from 2 nights to 12+nights. You can choose an interior room, ocean view, or a room with a balcony. One thing to consider though is that you may not spend a lot of time in the room. If you are looking to save money, the way to do it may be with an interior room since you won’t need the view. There are a lot of ports to choose from as well, depending on where you plan to cruise to. Price ranges vary a lot, from $500 for 2 people all the way up to $5500+.

Are you going to want to do an excursion, such as zip lining or scuba diving, or maybe even swimming with dolphins? You can also have a spa day on the cruise if you want.

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Most meals are included, but drinks are not. You can also add on the nicer restaurants if you want to try that. The casino is not included, obviously.

Take into account travel to and from the port and a hotel stay at the port. You will probably want to visit for at least a day before you set sail.

All Inclusive Resorts

Mexico isn’t exactly the safest place right now, but if you stay on the resort, you and your loved ones should be fine. There are other options as well though, such as Jamaica, the Bahamas, the Dominican, etc, all of which are gorgeous and will be perfect for summer vacation.

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Know what is included and what isn’t ahead of time so you can plan. Sometimes it says “all inclusive” but you may have to pay for some of the top shelf liquor, airport transfer, gratuities, and some of the watersports.

More local options

We are in Missouri, so Branson is obvious. There are other options as well though. I recently went to Dallas/Fort Worth area and had a BLAST. You should definitely look into it if traveling without kids. The stockyards have lots of shopping and museums and bars. You can spend all day there, then go out to eat later and catch a concert at Billy Bob’s.

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Chicago is always a great weekend getaway, and there is so much to do for adults and kids if you have a family. The train seems like it would be a fun way to travel.

What do you think of those summer vacay ideas?

I know there are so many other options, but those are a few that could be fun for couples or the family. What are your plans?!

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