Tips to Look Your Best in Everyday Photos

When you are scrolling on Instagram, do you notice how some women look AMAZING in every photo they post? In normal everyday photos, they look like supermodels!

We all want to look/feel like a model in every photo right, not just professional photos?  Because of this thought, I put together a guide for you! It includes 5 simple tips you can incorporate in your selfie game and group photos to help you look your very best in every photo.  To receive this guide in your inbox, simply fill out the form below and it’s yours. 🙂

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What’s covered in this guide to great everyday photos?

Oh girl, I have some great tricks to share with you! I have trained with some of the best photographers in the portrait photography industry and because of that, I know my stuff. I share with you ways to pose your body, how to hold your head, even the most flattering types of clothing to wear in photos!

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What else should you know about the guide?

Just know this was created from my heart for you because I want to serve you in a way that I think will help you be a happier/more confident woman!  I think we all sometimes feel jealous of how beautiful some of these Instagram models, who are just normal women, look in their photos. I promise with these little tweaks in your posing in everyday photos, you can feel rock these photos just like they do!

Boudoir by Tracy Brown was created in order to help women see the beauty in themselves, to feel confident in their worth. This is just a small thing in a series of so many things to come for women to feel and look their best just as they are, so stay tuned!

Let me know what you think about the guide by emailing me at! I would love to hear from you!