Balancing health and happiness

I’ve talked about Gillian of many, many times. She is the guru on balancing health and happiness in your life.

Gillian and are kind of a big deal in STL. She’s the go-to fitness coach for women in the area and she is AMAZING at what she does.

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But here’s a story she talked about on her Instagram a few days ago.

“Trying to be fit was making me crazy. 

I’m here to tell you a little story about my health and fitness journey. My love for fitness was destroying my health and happiness. 

Nine years ago, I was an absolute nut- writing down every single morsel of food I put in my mouth. Driving myself crazy with calculations, I was weighing myself numerous times a day, and trying to cram as much gym time into my schedule as a busy, working mom.

In turn, these behaviors led to poor sleep, out of control hormone issues, and binge-restrict patterned eating.

I was in a really dark and lonely place.

I never took invitations to hang out with friends for fear that I would come off my diet or have to miss a workout. 

This behavior all started for me when I began my journey in the fitness industry in 2007. I was a success story for a weight loss product and was featured in magazines and on TV.

The stress and pressure of feeling that I needed to look very lean and tiny lead me to very unhealthy behaviors. I was burdened by hours and hours of cardio in an attempt to burn off calories consumed during binges due to the enormous amount of pressure I felt.”

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The pregnancy of her second child woke her up and helped her pay attention to her health.

“I had to stop dieting and over exercising for the sake of my baby and the actual physical changes during that pregnancy corrected many of the hormonal and metabolic issues that I had created for myself through the years of terrible lifestyle habits that I believed were healthy and necessary to be fit. 

When my daughter was born, I vowed to be a positive example to her in a world with intense societal pressures to look a certain way, more now than when I was growing up.

I couldn’t continue my unhealthy habits and allow her to think this was how she should live her life too so I followed a long road to health and now at almost 40 years old, I tell you with full confidence that maintaining my shape is a cinch.

Now, I eat foods that I love and workout because I love it and it is truly something I enjoy- it is no longer a burden.”

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The Momshell Method

“I turned this lifestyle into the “Momshell Method.” I coach other busy women (not just moms) and teach them the same healthy habits. In turn, they can achieve their goal body. It helps them stop unhealthy and obsessive behaviors that do not help in living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

If it looks easy now, it’s because it became that way out of habit. I don’t panic over upcoming social occasions. For photoshoot prep, I don’t diet, and I don’t look in the mirror wanting to change everything. 

If your quest to lose weight is stressing you out- STOP! You’re likely doing more harm than good!

The bottom line: Motivation comes and goes. Junk food and treats will always be there. The freedom of not having to obsess over every meal and workout has given me so much valuable time to spend doing the things that I love.” 

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Gillian’s client and friend Adriana

Back to School, Back to Fit Health Challenge

The challenge starts August 1, 2019!

You can get the tools you need to begin your journey of health and fitness for only $129!

There will be lots of prizes and one includes a 1.5 hour session with me including hair and makeup!

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For more information, email Gillian at

Visit for information about Gillian’s program as well.

Instagram Giveaway with Maddie Moore

I think by now everyone knows my good friend Maddie Moore. She owns Meals by Maddie, a local St. Louis meal prep program that’s helping local STL men and women reach their fitness goals by providing healthy meals. We are teaming up for an Instagram giveaway of a boudoir session with me to a lucky woman and her friend in St. Louis!

This Instagram Giveaway takes place from Friday, February 22, 2019 to Monday February 25, 2019 at 6pm CST. The winner will be announced February 26, 2019 at 12:00pm CST.

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We are giving away a 1.5 hour boudoir session, which includes hair and makeup AND the session for one lucky woman and one for her friend as well! So basically it’s a girl’s day. This is a $199 value per person!

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How to enter the Instagram giveaway

It’s so easy to enter. First go to either Maddie’s Instagram or mine. Here are the links.

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Find this photo on both mine and Maddie’s Instagram to enter!
  1. Find the above photo on our profiles. Like the photo.
  2. Follow both Maddie and me.
  3. Tag 3 other local friends, including your bestie that you’d want to shoot with. The more tags, the more entries you will receive. Must be legitimate accounts. No celebrities.
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Fine Print

  • Giveaway closes February 25, 2019 at 6pm.
  • Winner will be announced February 26, 2019 at 12:00pm.
  • The session must be booked within 90 days.
  • The session is a 1.5 hour session which includes hair and makeup, which is valued at $199.
  • Photos are a separate purchase.
  • The winner must be willing to travel to Boudoir by Tracy Lynn’s studio in Downtown St. Louis, MO for the session.
  • The winner must live within 100 miles of St. Louis.
  • Prize is non transferrable and cannot be redeemed for monetary value.
  • The giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram.
  • Do not unfollow during the giveaway.
  • Winner will be chosen at random.
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Now go enter!

Again, here is Maddie’s Instagram and my Instagram.

I am so excited about this giveaway and can’t wait to meet the lucky winner! Good luck!

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Botox Party in St. Louis, MO

The botox party in August 2018 was such a hit that I decided to host another one! Nurse Lauren will be back in the studio again in March 2019 and I am so excited. Lauren is AMAZING at what she does.  I personally had Botox on my forehead during the last party and LOVED the results, plus I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure.

Who is Nurse Lauren?

She is a registered nurse with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. Lauren has always loved cosmetics, skin care, and helping people feel good about themselves. She specializes and is certified in Aesthetic Injections and aging prevention in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Also, her skin looks AMAZING, which it should right?

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What is Botox and when should I start?

New studies say your mid 20s is an appropriate age to start Botox to prevent wrinkles from causing permanent creases due to aging and expression over the years. As in all things, it’s easier to prevent than to correct these wrinkles!

Botox targets the underlying cause of your lines/wrinkles from frowning and squinting over the years reducing muscle activity for visible smooth lines.  It is recommended for preventative measures to get Botox treatments at least twice a year.

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When and where?

The Botox party will be held in my studio March 23, 2019 from 3pm-6pm.

Here are the details.

  • $15 ticket
  • $10 per unit for Botox. Normally priced at $14/unit in the St. Louis area.
  • Giveaways
  • Champagne and snacks

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To secure your ticket, click here!

One other great thing to know is I will have 1/2 price sessions available that day AND I will have a giveaway for a session and a $100 print credit.  I will be securing other giveaways in the mean time, so stay tuned!

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