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Boudoir Photoshoot Outfits

Boudoir Photoshoot Outfits. What should you wear to your boudoir session? This floral lace bodysuit on the neutral colored bed is beautiful for a boudoir photo session. Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO.

The most frequently asked question I get is all about boudoir photoshoot outfits. And I totally get it.  Trends are constantly changing and there is an overwhelming amount of outfit choices out there.  How are you supposed to find what’s right for you??

Well, that’s why I’m here(I mean I’m also behind the camera, too).

While I stay mostly on top of the trends, I like to stick to what I know works and what’s going to be timeless.  You don’t want dated photos in 5 years, right?

Boudoir Photoshoot Outfits

Let’s talk about what works best for a boudoir photoshoot.


These are my tried and trues.  I start every session off with a bodysuit if at all possible. They are flattering and you’re mostly covered so it’s easy to get comfortable, especially with my famous Icebreaker Poses.

Here are a few bodysuit pointers.

  • Darker colors are best.
  • High legged when possible.
  • Try to find bodysuits with cups if you can, so the girls will stay up.
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Bra and Panty Sets

For bra and panty sets, you can’t go wrong with lace. Bras are easy and most women know what fits for them personally.

On the other hand, underwear is a bit different. Thongs and cheekies are definitely the best.  I absolutely love high waisted, high legged underwear. and La Senza has some beautiful options! 

One other thing… Go one size above what you would typically wear to prevent underwear lines. 🙂

Boudoir Photoshoot Outfits. What should you wear to your boudoir session? You can't go wrong with black bra and panty sets and high heels. Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO.

Oversized Shirts

Oversized shirts are always great, but I specifically love button down shirts.  Steal his favorite work shirt or something that will flatter your skin tone.

Another option is an off the shoulder sweater.  Make sure the material is super soft and loose.  Don’t go for the bulky, thick knitted sweaters.  Those tend to make you look boxy.

If you’re thinking sporty casual, that’s great.  Cardinals jerseys(the kind with buttons) are great! T-shirts, tanks, and crop tops are always flattering.

Blue jerseys on the otherhand are not flattering.  If something Blues related is a must, maybe go for a tee rather than the jersey if at all possible.

 Boudoir Photoshoot Outfits. What should you wear to your boudoir session? Love Calvins and white sheets for a boudoir session. Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO.

Odds and Ends

I have a few odds and ends that I like to mention for boudoir photoshoot outfits.

High heeled shoes are a must, but if you don’t have any, I have a few pair in the studio! If you do have them, just make sure they are at least 4 inches.  Kitten heels don’t work!

As far as jewelry and accessories, I love bracelets and diamond earrings, but you want to avoid anything that’s hanging like necklaces or dangly earrings.  My poses that require you laying down make necklaces difficult!

Bring extra outfits! The more the better.  You know how some days an outfit just doesn’t fit like you planned.  That happens at sessions sometimes.  It’s always better to have extra options if we just aren’t feeling an outfit.

Colors and Materials for Boudoir Photoshoot Outfits

You honestly just can’t go wrong with black lace.  It’s classic and beautiful.  Neutral and softer colors also look great in the studio and with most skin tones.  The only thing I don’t recommend is bright colors like neons. It just doesn’t tend to fit with the boudoir theme.

Outfits do matter, but you can leave the posing to me.

In conclusion, over preparing your boudoir photoshoot outfits is totally fine and I kind of recommend it. 🙂

Everything else, though, I’ve got you covered. From hair and makeup to posing to your facial expressions, you won’t need to worry about a thing. Just bring yourself, a clean face, and clean, dry hair.  Tiffany and I will take care of the rest.

Ready to book your session? Be sure to contact me so we can get you on my schedule!


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Ready to rediscover your beauty, just the way you are?

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