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Learn how to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot and get $100 off your session with our free guide!

Wedding Photos and a Boudoir Session


“I felt beautiful and sexy throughout my entire session. It really was empowering, tasteful and classy. The photos turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Every detail: outfit choices, hair, makeup, etc. was covered prior to my session (the blog posts are lifesaving!). Tracy was also incredibly responsive when I had further questions, and so kind and professional! She made every step of the way seamless and is such a gem to work with! As someone who is typically shy and reserved, my husband was FLOORED and ecstatic with my album (as am I). I truly believe the confidence my album gave me, overflowed into my wedding photos. I would highly recommend Tracy for the ultimate boudoir experience! I’m so glad I did!”

A previous client left this review of her session, which I so appreciate, but the thing I want to discuss is how a boudoir session can affect your wedding day.

boudoir pose//laying on back boudoir pose//black lace bra and panty set//black high heels//white fur rug//chaise lounge// Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO//See more at

Wedding Photos

This client, let’s call her “A” since she wants to remain anonymous, isn’t the only one who’s told me she felt her wedding photos were better after having a boudoir session.

The thing about a boudoir session is that it’s all about you. It’s about making you feel beautiful and sexy just the way you are. It’s about showing you your angles and the most flattering lingerie to wear for your wedding night. A boudoir session is about pampering yourself and having a day literally all about you before your wedding. The gift for your man is just the icing on the cake.

And as “A” said, the confidence a boudoir session will flow over to the wedding day and you’ll be able to see it in your wedding photos.

boudoir pose//sexy standing boudoir pose //casual boudoir outfit//calvin klein panty//gray henley// Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO//See more at

The Boudoir Session

Maybe you already know you want to do a session. You’ve heard how great they are for confidence and you know your fiancé will love some gorgeous photos of you.

What you want to know is how the heck does the whole thing work?

Well, we start with a FREE 20-minute pre-session consult over video chat.  We’ll discuss what to wear, the session itself, how to prepare, and hair and makeup.  I also answer any questions you may have so you feel confident and sexy for your photo shoot. The main goal for this consult is for you to feel comfortable with me!

Next, we have your session! First, you’ll get your hair and makeup done with my professional hair and makeup artist. After you’re ready, we start the session, which is designed to help you get comfortable in front of the camera quickly. The “ice breaker poses” will help you feel beautiful, comfortable, and sexy within 15-20 minutes, and you’ll be walking around confident and probably topless in no time.

A few days after the photo shoot, we’ll meet over video chat for your ordering session, where you’ll get to review all the photos taken, and pick your favorites for your album. We want to create that special groom’s gift you both will cherish for a lifetime, so this meeting can take 1-2 hours.

boudoir pose//sitting on bed boudoir pose//white sheets boudoir pose//implied nude boudoir photo// Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO//See more at

What should you wear?

As I mentioned above, you’ll be able to ask me ANY questions about the session during the free consult, but I also created this really awesome guide. Click this link to grab it. It covers:

  •  An in-depth overview of the session experience
  • Tips on how to prep for your session
  • Outfit ideas and tips
  • Ideas on how to gift him the album

boudoir pose//laying on back boudoir pose//nuetral colors boudoir outfit//tan ankle boots//cream lace thong//light brown sweater//casual boudoir photo//white fur rug//chaise lounge// Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO//See more at


A boudoir session is not only the best gift you could give your fiancé on your wedding day. It’s the best gift you can give YOURSELF. You’ll be the center of attention all day, so you need to make sure you feel like you deserve it(which you do). A boudoir session will give you the confidence you need to really shine  in your wedding photos.


TK Boudoir is a luxury boudoir studio with locations in St Louis, MO & Denver, Colorado for all women seeking to rediscover their beauty, just as they are.

Ready to rediscover your beauty, just the way you are?

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Learn exactly how to prepare for your boudoir shoot and get $100 off your session!

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