3 reasons modest clients don’t need to worry.

Modest clients are not a new thing for me. About 70% of my clients are brides around 25-30. This demographic typically hasn’t had kids and had to bare it all in front of a roomful of medical staff.

Not that I have, but from what I hear, once you give birth, you don’t care so much about who sees what, especially a woman who photographs women in lingerie for a living! So, someone seeing you in lingerie is not a big deal at all at that point.

Point being, a lot of my clients are modest at first, but warm up pretty quickly with me.

I’ve been using the Instagram Ask Me Something feature lately and have had some really great questions. By the way, you can follow me here if you haven’t already. One of the questions that really hit me today was “How do you help your modest clients feel confident during their boudoir session(especially first-timers)?” I wanted to answer that in a blog post.

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I prep you before the session.

Step one is prepping you for the session at the consultation appointment. This is where we will discuss the best outfits for your body type. If you have great outfits that fit well, you will feel beautiful during the session, which will show in the images we produce.

I also go over what you can do to help yourself feel beautiful, such as spray tan with Missy of Just Fakin Tans, having your nails done, drinking plenty of water, etc.

modest boudoir client//st louis, mo//boudoir photo//laying boudoir pose//black lace bra and panty set//cream tufted bed//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com

The first icebreaker poses help modest clients the most.

I have developed a strategy for every session, especially with modest clients. Honestly, most of my sessions have never done anything like this before. Over the past few years of photographing boudoir, I have developed a posing strategy with a specific order of poses to help clients get comfortable quickly.

Showing the back of the camera shots also helps you see that the images are actually turning out beautifully and that you have nothing to worry about the rest of the session.

After those initial poses, most clients begin to feel more confident, which shows in the images as well.

modest boudoir client//st louis, mo//boudoir photo//standing boudoir pose//pink cardigan//black lace bodysuit//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com

Modest clients don’t need to worry with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn.

The great thing about a session with me is that it’s just the two of us during the session. I am there to help you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable while posing you in great light and producing beautiful photos.

Within 20-30 minutes, most clients are 100% comfortable and confident and leave the session feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world.

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modest clients//st louis, mo//boudoir photo//black bodysuit//white fur rug//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com

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