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The most asked question at boudoir session consults is “what outfits do you recommend”. I usually send clients the link to my What to Wear series, part’s 1, 2, 3, but I think, since it has been a year, it’s time to update for 2018. I have so many updated boudoir outfit tips, so be ready to take notes!

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Size Matters

I think the most important thing is to make sure your outfits, especially your bra and panties, fit correctly.  Some important boudoir outfit tips to note:

  • You want your underwear to be about 1 size bigger than you normally wear. I think most women(or maybe it’s just me) tend to want to fit in the size they wore in high school or college. You don’t want the lace to look stretched or to create a muffin top.  An even worse situation is when you spent the money for Calvin Klein underwear and the letters are stretched out!
  • Make sure your bra fit is flattering as well.  While I do love bralettes, they aren’t flattering to all body types, especially if they don’t hold the girls up.  You also want to make sure that when you lie down, your bust stays in the cups/fills them out.  Padded bras are great in most situations, but some poses may be better with non-padded bras (more lacy maybe), so be sure to bring several different bra types.

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One of my main boudoir outfit tips for bodysuits is to find a bodysuit that is high waisted. It will give the illusion that your legs are several inches longer than they are. Most thong bodysuits are high waisted, so look for those.  If you can find a body suit to show off side boob, that’s a win as well! My favorite places to find these bodysuits are Forever21 and Urban Outfitters.  Both places have the bodysuits that meet my criteria for the perfect boudoir outfit.

Pair them with an off the shoulder sweater, a jacket, or maybe a button up to really knock this outfit out of the park!

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When clients ask for boudoir outfit tips, I usually mention sweaters! I really love off the shoulder sweaters/ tees. There’s so much potential to make the images look more fashionable here.  There are a few pointers to remember with this one though.  You don’t want the sweater to be too large or bulky.  If they are, this ends up making you look and feel bulky. The lighter sweaters/tees/henley’s are actually better for boudoir outfits because they allow for more movement. I love pairing sweaters with thigh high knit socks.  The cozy looks always makes a girl feel great about herself!

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Crop Tops

I LOVE that crop tops are in now. They can be so fun to photograph with so much potential in boudoir.  This won’t work for everyone, but some women can get away with showing under boob with crop tops, which from what I hear, is considered really sexy by guys.  You have to have the right bust for this though!

Crop tops are easy to work with and still shows enough skin to make you feel sexy.  I like the looser tops usually but it’s always best to bring more options than less.  The only time I will really recommend the tighter crop tops are if we can get away with showing under boob!

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A pretty silk or lace robe really makes a girl feel sexy.  There is so much you can do with a robe during your session. From wearing it like normal, holding it off your shoulders, maybe giving the camera a look over your shoulder (don’t worry I will help you get that “look”), and strategically covering the areas that you want covered, robes have so much potential.

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I think this outfit choice scares a lot of women.  Just remember, I am a woman, too.  It will just be the two of us in the studio, and we are going to cover the areas that need to be covered! Implied nudes can really show off your femininity, curves, and your confidence, which is the sexiest trait of all. Trust me, these images will end up being some of your favorites!

boudoir outfit tips//White sheets for an implied nude // photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

High Heels

A lot of my clients tell me they aren’t comfortable walking in heels.  I’m not making you walk in them, so no worries. We will pose in them. The main criteria for heels for boudoir photography is to be sure they are 4-5 inches tall.  Pumps are the best because they add a few extra inches to your legs when you stretch out and point your toes, and they make you feel beautiful.

I also love ankle booties with heels with the right outfit.  I seriously love this outfit. The sweater paired with these booties my clients just happened to wear to her session ended up being my very favorite photo from her set of images.

boudoir outfit tips//A shot with just legs– get the look with a crop top, black lace panties, and tan patent heels// photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at


I am planning to write another blog post specifically on this topic in a few weeks, but until then, I want to discuss this topic a bit.  Accessories can make or break the outfit.  A set of pearls is not going to go very well with your man’s huge Blues Jersey (which I don’t recommend anyway, but you get the point). It would look great with a silk robe, thigh highs and a lace bra and panty set though.  What I am getting at here is be logical with your accessories.

Necklaces work with some poses, but not for all. I love when some chunky (pretty but not gaudy) jewelry falls around the cleavage.  It feels so classy! We will dive more into this in the accessory blog post to come, but I wanted to toss out some ideas!

Earrings can be too much if they are too dangly.  Simple is better with earrings, especially if you are pairing them with a necklace. Stick to gold hoops, diamond studs, etc.

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Other Boudoir Outfit Tips

When you wear something sporty, maybe add some lace underwear in the mix to make it feel a bit sexier.  I know we have a lot of Blues fans in St. Louis, and some girls want to wear the jerseys.  I would recommend going with a fitted tee with the logo instead.  Those hockey jerseys can swallow you up since they typically aren’t fitted, which means they aren’t very flattering to a woman’s body! Boudoir photography is specifically to show off those curves after all!

Think about pairing your sporty outfits with a pair of thigh high knit socks or even thigh high stockings. Your man is sure to love this idea!

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There are so many options for outfits.  The more outfit options you bring to the session, the better. I can help mix and match during the session!

Did these boudoir outfit tips help you out?  Do you have any questions about anything in this article? Email me! I would love to hear from you!

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Anniversary Gift//Boudoir Photos

Heads up, I am biased on which years are the best years to gift a boudoir album, so obviously I’m concentrating on those years.  Boudoir photography is what I do, you know. The actual anniversary gift list by year is at the end of this blog article though. 🙂

anniversary gift//traditional anniversary gift by year//photo by see more about anniversary gifts at

The First Year

Paper is the traditional first year gift.  Obviously, I consider this the perfect time to give the boudoir album! A few of my clients, who don’t end up booking the session for their wedding gift, actually book a session shortly after their wedding.  They are still in the best shape of their life, so they can remember their rocking body, plus the album will be sure to be done for their first anniversary!

I also want to take a second and talk about one of my albums, The Milan. A few of you may have seen me unbox this on my intastory. This album is super customizable, from the box, to the interior of the box and the cover of the album.  I specifically love that we can write a little note on the cover.  Most clients choose “Love, their name,” but you can customize it however you choose.

The Milan album//boudoir albums//boudoir photography album//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at The Milan album//boudoir albums//boudoir photography album//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at The Milan album//boudoir albums//boudoir photography album//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Third Year

Leather. Based on the traditional anniversary gift list, this would also be the opportune time to give a boudoir album. Most of my album cover options are leather, or they can be upgraded to leather, which makes it the perfect third year gift.

tan crop top sweater//cream lace panties//ankle booties//white fur rug//cream chaise lounge// St. Louis, MO loft//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Fifth Year

Wood. This is the perfect time for a wall portrait!  We all know how I feel about boudoir wall portraits.  I think that you, and everyone really, deserve to memorialize your beautiful selves on your walls. My clients who have booked consults know all about my wall portrait collections- the Peek-a-boo collection.  See an example below.

Boudoir wall portraits can be as revealing or as covered as you want. Many of my clients have children, so I do understand that the images on the wall need to be classy. Honestly though, I strive to make sure all of my work is classy so that isn’t really an issue. I think this image would make a perfect wall portrait in anyone’s home though! What do you think?

implied nude// champagne and strawberries//anniversary gift idea//boudoir photo//knee high boots//white fur rug//miss vi ho//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Tenth Year

Tin/Aluminum.  Okay. This is where I veer away from the traditional.  What do you get that’s tin/aluminum anyway?  I personally think the tenth year anniversary is the perfect time to go all out and get him something he will really appreciate.  Combine the first, third, and fifth year presents and get an album and wall portrait. He will love this plus it’s a gift of self love!  P.S. the modern recommended ten year gift is diamonds, so be sure to drop that hint throughout the year for him!

cream sweater/ knee high boots//plus size model//ombre hair//boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

The Twelfth, Thirteenth, and Fifteenth Years

Silk. Lace. Crystal. You should expect lots of lingerie and jewelry between the tenth and fifteenth anniversary, if he is following tradition.  All three of these make GORGEOUS accessories for boudoir sessions, so this is the perfect time to show off that beautiful anniversary gift he bought.  We all know he will love the results!

Another possibility is to use everything he gave you from the twelfth, thirteenth, and fifteenth years and use it in the fifteenth anniversary boudoir album.

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Anniversary Gift List by Year

Below is the actual traditional anniversary gift list by year.  I skipped around above with my thoughts as it applies to boudoir sessions, but wanted to be sure to include the actual list. One important thing I noticed while researching is that everyone has different takes on what the modern version of each could include.  At first I thought I would include the modern version, but decided to let you come to your own conclusion.  I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts though!  What anniversary do you think is the best time to give the boudoir album?

  • First: Paper
  • Second: Cotton
  • Third: Leather
  • Fourth: Fruit/Flowers
  • Fifth: Wood
  • Sixth: Candy/iron
  • Seventh: Wool/copper
  • Eighth: Bronze/ Pottery
  • Ninth: Pottery/Willow
  • Tenth: Tin/aluminum
  • Eleventh: Steel  New car?
  • Twelfth: Silk/linen
  • Thirteenth: Lace
  • Fourteenth: Ivory
  • Fifteenth: Crystal
  • Twentieth: China
  • Twenty-fifth: Silver
  • Thirtieth: Pearl
  • Fortieth: Ruby
  • Fiftieth: Gold
  • Sixtieth: Diamondanniversary gift//traditional anniversary gift by year//photo by see more about anniversary gifts at

Curves and Boudoir Photography

Women come in all shapes and sizes.  Beauty is found in every single person.  There’s a difference in the confidence and attitudes of plus size women.  While some women embrace their curves, others are embarrassed. My mission in life is to help show every woman how gorgeous they are – just as they are, right now, through boudoir photography in my St. Louis, MO studio.  Step one in this process is knowing what to wear to flatter your figure.  Also, see a past boudoir session of a curvy client. I will take care of the rest once you are in the studio!

women with curves//cheetah print sweater//black lace underwear//thigh high stockings//white fur rug//composite boudoir photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Accentuating your curves

I love the clothing choice in the above photo.  The cropped sweater was tighter at the waist giving the illusion that her waist is smaller than it is.  Halley is one of those curvey women with a smaller waist, and this sweater definitely accentuated it.  She also chose black cheeky underwear that were a size too big, which allowed her to pull them a bit higher on her waist, lengthening her legs and showing off her curves even better.

Another way to do this is to have a loose yet fitted sweater. A favorite of mine is an off the shoulder sweater.  Check this one out from torrid. Maybe I love this one so much because I love faded colors right now?  Another option is this one from Amazon.  P.S. Navy looks so good in the studio.


black body suit//shadows//chaise lounge//curves//plus-sized women//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Bodysuits are tough. You really want to avoid bodysuits that aren’t a thong because they aren’t as flattering without the thong cut on bottom. Plus-sized stores don’t often have thong booty bodysuits, but I found a few options on Amazon.  This lace one is my favorite.

Forever21 also has very cute options. They are high waisted and typically either cheeky or thongs. Also, this bodysuit is one of my favorites from their online store.

High-waisted underwear

High-waisted underwear does the same thing that the cropped sweater does to accentuate your curves. It finds the smallest part of your waist line and hugs it. The trick with this is similar to the bodysuit issue.  You want wear cheeky or thong underwear.  Bikinis and boy shorts aren’t super flattering to your booty.  We have to show that thing off, right?

black high waisted panties//curves//plus-sized women//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

I particularly love these high waisted underwear from Torrid. Another option is this black bra/panty set from Amazon, which is one of the cutest I have seen.  It can be a bit risky to buy your lingerie without trying it on first, though; you never really know how the underwear will fit when ordering off Amazon.  Hopefully, if you order far enough in advance, you can return them if they don’t fit– this will give you ample time to get the size you need!


Robes are a great option as an accessory or even as a way to cover up those areas you prefer to hide. My favorite time to use a robe is in sitting poses.  All women, no matter the size, have a skin roll at your stomach while sitting.  Robes are the perfect way to hide those little “imperfections”. It’s a great clothing option to add something a little different in your boudoir album as well. See the photos below to see how we incorporated one in this client’s session.

black lace thong//black lace bra//black chaise lounge//animal print robe//jewelry curves//plus-sized women//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

black lace thong//black lace bra//black chaise lounge//marble robe//jewelry curves//plus-sized women/photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Lengthen your legs

They say the longer you are, the thinner you look, right?  Thus Pumps are probably the best option in this scenario because it gives you a few extra inches from heel to the toe of the pump on top of the 4-5 inches of the stiletto.  Speaking of, some of you love wedges, but please know wedges don’t photograph very well. I keep a pair of black 6’s, 7.5’s, and 9’s in the studio. Most women will fit in one of those sizes.  If not, check out Amazon for a pair of standard black pumps. It should be a staple in your closet anyway right?

If you are short, don’t wear thigh high anything (socks, shoes, etc) in your photos.  It will shorten your legs way too much!

black bodysuit//cream chaise lounge// curves//plus-sized women//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Things curvey women should avoid

I am not going to show samples of this bullet point.  That’s not fair to anyone! These points are standard no-no’s for all sizes, not just curvey women.

  • Corsets.
  • Jeans. This is hard no matter your size.  If you choose the exact right pair of jeans, the photos turn out amazing.  If you don’t, they are a total flop. It’s a tough one to get right.
  • Boy shorts or bikini underwear.
  • Sheer anything. It sounds good in theory.  It just doesn’t photograph well.
  • Wedge shoes.

Places to shop

posing on bed with sheets//boudoir photography//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Final thoughts

What to wear is just the basics of how to get the most out of your boudoir photography session, whether you have curves or not.  Trust me when I tell you that I will pose you from head to fingers to toes– no need to worry at all about that!  Your boudoir session will be a day of pampering followed by the experience of a lifetime which will have you leaving you feeling better than Beyonce. Your confidence will skyrocket, and your man will have an album he won’t want to put down!

What are some clothing options you have thought about wearing to a boudoir session? I would love to hear from you. Join my email list (top left if you are browsing from your computer) and let me know your thoughts!








Splash Beauty Eyelash Extensions//St. Louis

When I was still working as a dental hygienist, I would look at the patients’ eyelashes.  I’m sure your hygienist is doing it too, just an FYI.  Unfairly, little boys always had the longest, darkest, thickest eyelashes.  WHY ARE THEY SO LUCKY?  (I definitely screamed that).  It’s not fair.  Women do everything we can to have longer, thicker lashes-–cue eyelash extensions.

Brides– wouldn’t these look amazing for your wedding day? They would be so great to have for your boudoir session as well!  We all love long beautiful lashes.

eyelash extensions//vintage yellow aviator sunglasses, vintage track suit// maddie moore of There's Moore to It Blog// photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Lash Lift vs. Eyelash Extensions

I have mentioned Savanah Summer Beauty before, who I still definitely recommend for a lash lift.  Check out her blog post here.  Savanah is amazing.  The fact that a lash lift is all natural makes it even better.  My results were phenomenal.  I wish I could have mine done again.  My allergies the past few months have been out of control. Mascara isn’t an option right now! Lash lifts are definitely out of the question at the moment.

lash lift//savanah summer beauty//stl//boudoir by tracy brown//

Lash Lift- What is it?

A lash lift is kind of like a perm for your eyelashes! Lash lifts are safe and low maintenance treatment that curls, lifts, and tints your natural lashes which gives your eyelashes the appearance of looking longer and fuller. A lift is a great alternative to eyelash extensions!

eyelash extentions//gray sweater//black high heels//false eyelashes//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at

Eyelash Extensions- What are they?

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance the length, curliness, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes.  They are semipermanent and take about 2 hours to apply at the first appointment.  The fills need to be done every 2-4 weeks and can take 45 min to 1.5 hours to reapply.  Eyelash extensions can come in various colors, lengths and thicknesses as well.

eyelash extensions//splash beauty//st. louis, mo//

Who to use for Eyelash Extensions in St. Louis?!

I have been searching for the past two years for  someone to recommend to clients in the St. Louis, MO area. Recently, I found an eyelash extensions company in STL who is amazing.  Splash Beauty is in the Westport Plaza area and has done lashes for a few of my clients. P.S. many of my clients can attest to the fact that the Westport Starbucks is my absolute favorite. Ha.

eyelash extensions//splash beauty//st. louis, mo//

The primary aesthetician is Ashley.  I met with her recently and she is the tiniest and sweetest human ever! Ashley specializes in training and applying semi-permanent eyelash extensions that give you longer, thicker and very natural looking eyelashes. Her company, Splash Beauty, is one of the leading eyelash extension companies in the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area. They offer a full line of lash tools and products. Splash also offers full body waxing if that is something you want to look into before your upcoming boudoir session!

eyelash extensions//splash beauty//st. louis, mo//

How to contact Splash Beauty?

Find Ashley and Splash Beauty at her handles below.


Instagram @splashbeauty


On her website, you can actually book your appointment, check out her services more in depth and find pricing and more information on the services she offers.

A new set of lashes would be great for your boudoir session. Lash extensions for brides on the wedding day would make you feel very beautiful and special. I have heard that getting lashes gets as addicting as getting your nails done. Be prepared!

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