5 Spring Break Family Vacation Destinations

Spring Break is right around the corner. St. Louis, MO school vacations start mid-March.  Most family vacations are already scheduled, I’m sure. I wanted to research some cool places for clients, anyway. After some research, I’ve created the list below of my top 5 family vacation destinations for Spring Break.

For the moms out there,  I know you have a lot going on right now. You deserve to be pampered.  Check out this blog post about how boudoir sessions can boost your confidence after you read through this article 😉

chincoteague island// assateague beach//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

Top 5 Spring Break Family Vacation Destinations

You will find pros and cons for these vacation destinations in this list below. 🙂  Have you been to any of these places? Let me know!

Disney World

Walt Disney World// Orlando, FL/family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

I personally have never been to Disney, but it is on my bucket list to go as an adult! Fun, sun, beautiful weather, food, rides, what could be better?


For starters, there is a super cheap flight to Orlando from STL through Frontier Airlines, like really cheap.  I flew there in December for $150 ROUND TRIP including taxes AND bags.

Disney World has tons to do. No one in the family should be bored the entire time.  You may need a vacay from your vacay when you get home (maybe in the form of a boudoir session for you 😉 )

If you have time, be sure to take a day to visit SeaWorld!


First of all, Disney is rather expensive. I think we have all heard about how expensive it is.  From what I can tell and what I have heard however, it is WORTH it the cost.

It will be busy.  I have some local Orlando friends who say when kids are out of school, the park is crazy busy.  But it’s an experience worth the expense. And if you go in with the expectations that it to be busy, you won’t even think twice about it.

San Diego, CA

San Diego, Ca//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

On the other side of the country is Disney Land, SeaWorld, the Pacific Ocean, Dolphin Cruises, sea lions.   I had a blast in San Diego last summer. I am so ready to get back there!


There’s lots and lots to do at this vacation destination! You can try SeaWorld San Diego, go see the Pacific ocean, eat great food, go dolphin and whale watching, and see sea lions in the wild. Take a day trip to Los Angeles if you have time!


The plane ticket may be a bit expensive and the flight is pretty long. Hotels are also somewhat pricey in some areas and driving can be crazy at certain times of the day!

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Chincoteague Island, VA// Assateague Island, VA//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//boudoir by tracy lynn// St. Louis, MO//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com

This is my personal favorite.  I have been three times and am ready to go back.    This small island just south of Maryland on the outer banks of Virginia, is the cutest island ever!  Also, check out the book Misty of Chincoteague on Kindle or purchase the book here. I read this book when I was about 10 years old and fell in love with the entire island.


Chincoteague Island is one of the more inexpensive destinations! It doesn’t have any chain restaurants, beach stores, or anything you would find at other Island vacation hotspots. This island makes up for it in things to do.

Wild Ponies of Assateague Island//Chincoteague Island, VA// Assateague Island, VA//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

There are even wild ponies on Assateague Island (connected to Chincoteague). Sometimes you can literally be on the beach and the ponies will be hanging out there as well!  The ice cream shops are amazing, the food is good, and they have some really neat BBQ restaurants/food trucks with games for kids.

It’s about 2 hours outside of Washington D.C. Take a day to see D.C. while you’re out that way.


Honestly, the only real con that I have noticed is that it’s pretty far.  It was a 14 hour trip for us. Flights are a bit expensive– however, it will save 2 extra travel days. Time is money after all!

Expect chillier weather for spring break. It’s more north along the Atlantic Ocean.  Maybe save this for summer!


I personally haven’t experienced Chicago like I should for someone FROM Illinois. It’s on my list of vacation destinations for this year. Expect a report back to you once I experience it. 🙂

Chicago, IL// Navy Pier//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO


Chicago is pretty close, just a five hour train ride from St. Louis.  There also seems to be a ton to do, from Navy Pier to Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, the Planetarium.  Thankfully, the kids will never be bored!


First, Chicago style pizza is the exact opposite of STL style pizza. St. Louis natives may not love it. You should try it.  But if that’s the worst thing about Chicago, I think you’ll survive.

Next, they are home of the Cubs.  Cardinals fans can ignore that section of town, right? Just steer clear of Wrigleyville.

In all seriousness, traffic and hotel expense will be the worst thing you have to deal with. But if you stay in the city and use the ‘L’ trains, you won’t have to deal with the notorious traffic.


You didn’t think I would leave Branson out did you?  I may not personally be a fan. Midwesterners have to experience it at least once. P.s.  The photo below is not the actual Ferris wheel in Branson. FYI that one is more terrifying.  Not safety wise, but it is huge!

Missouri Family Vacation Destinations// Branson, MO//family friendly vacation destinations recommendations//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO


Since Branson is about a 3.5 hour drive from St. Louis, it’s a great weekend getaway if the kid’s spring break isn’t super long. The city is especially kid friendly.  They have Silver Dollar City, the Dixie Stampede, shows, shows, and more shows.  Additionally, there’s a kids park with bumper cars, boats, the ferris wheel, mini golf and more. Also in Branson you’ll find the Titanic exhibit, the wax museum, outdoor malls, and so many restaurants.  However, if that isn’t your scene, Big Cedar lodge is beautiful!


Like every other destination in this blog post, I think that the worst thing about Branson is the expense and especially traffic in town. Everyone will be there since most spring breaks are right around the same time.

Where are you going?

Where are you going for your vacation destinations this year? I would love to know! Traveling is one of my favorite things and always love to hear about new places I may want to see. 🙂

Be sure to check out this last post about confidence boosting (which I mentioned at the beginning of the article.  Moms deserve some love and pampering, too.




Bridal Boudoir Photography

Brides are always looking for the perfect gift to give their groom.  More and more are trending towards a bridal boudoir album.  I personally think this is a great idea in this time in your life. Why?  Keep reading.

Why bridal boudoir photography//white bra and panty set// white sheets//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

Bridal Boudoir– A gift for you AND for him.

I say this one a lot, but honestly, a bridal boudoir photography session is a gift for him as much as it is a gift for you.  You’re in a seriously stressful time in your life.  So much wedding planning is going on.  Dealing with your soon to be in-laws who don’t see things the way you do may be keeping you up at night.  So many decisions need to be made now and you only have so much time to get those invitations mailed out.  Your dress (try Ultimate Bride) needs to be altered, your awesome wedding planner( Megan Rusch Soirees is seriously good) has a few more questions, and your makeup artist (check out Savanah Summer Beauty) is ready to book your trial. A bridal boudoir session is the perfect excuse to put your phone in “do not disturb” mode for a couple of hours 😉

Why bridal boudoir photography//a gift for him//monkey shoulder whiskey// white fur rug and black lace//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

Celebrate You

A bridal boudoir session is a day to celebrate you.  You get to take the day to feel beautiful and pampered, sexy and like the most important person in the room. It’s empowering and it preps you for the amazingness of your wedding, the day you are part of the most important couple in the room.

Why bridal boudoir photography//black body suit//window light//dramatic boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

He Will LOVE It

By the way, your groom will LOVE the gift.  Why wouldn’t he?  The woman he finds sexiest in the entire world gave him an album of herself in lingerie, his clothes, or some [implied] nudes. I know he already thinks he is the luckiest man in the world on his wedding day. And the album will be the cherry on top! My client, Liz (featured in this blog post), gave her fiancé his bridal boudoir album on the wedding day.  See his reaction below.

grooms reaction to boudoir photo album// photo by Jon Taylor Sweet of Seattle WA// Bridal Boudoir Album by Boudoir by Tracy Brown of St. Louis, MO More information at boudoirbytracylynn.com
Photo by Jon Taylor Sweet of Seattle, WA at Silver Oaks Chatteau.

New Lingerie & Clothes

A lot of my clients tell me that their bridesmaids get them lingerie at the bachelorette party/bridal shower.  Perfect timing to wear it for your bridal boudoir session! This really is just another excuse to go shopping.  Besides, have you seen this cute bodysuit on Amazon?  If you need more “what to wear” suggestions, be sure to check out parts one, two, and three of my What to Wear to your Boudoir Session series on the blog.

Why bridal boudoir photography/implied nude//sheer flower robe//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

More Reasons

Let’s be honest.  You are in the best shape of your life now.  Wedding shape is most likely the BEST shape you will ever be in.  All eyes will be on you that day. You’ve been working super hard to stay in/get in shape. You need to remember it.  A bridal boudoir session is the best time to honor that hard work. You will get to look back on that forever! I seriously wish I had an album like this to remember what I looked like 25 pounds lighter!

One more thing, right now you may not think this will be cool for your grand daughter to see one day. I want to tell you when I see photos from when my grandmothers were younger, it really touches my heart.  The images we take at your session will show no more than what your bathing suit would show(with some exceptions when requested).  Your grand daughter will seriously appreciate these when you’re 80.

Also get the album for the reason in this blog post.

Why bridal boudoir photography//white bra and panty set// white sheets//photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

When should you book?

Great question.  Be sure to book your session with a MINIMUM of 2 months to spare, so contact me with a 3-4 month window. I am booking about 4-6 weeks out at the moment, so the more time the better.   This allows time for retouching and ordering your custom album without the rush fee.

I really can’t wait to photograph your bridal boudoir session! Get in touch with me to book the most empowering day of your life. 🙂


Maternity Boudoir Photography// New Moms

Many of you know that I photograph maternity boudoir photography in the St. Louis, MO area.  This time in a woman’s life is such a magical moment (and very uncomfortable at other times).  I love being able to capture it for my beautiful clients.  Check out a recent maternity boudoir session here.

maternity boudoir photography// cream maternity dress/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy lynn//see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com/ St. Louis, MO

Preparing for your new bundle of joy

My sister is currently pregnant (and so cute pregnant, too) and due in May. She is the first of the two of us to experience pregnancy. It has been fun trying to figure out what we need to prepare for and we’ve had so much fun planning her baby shower.

While planning her baby shower, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a list of things a new mom will need to prepare.  I know those first few months will be a huge change. Hopefully, prepping in advance with things recommended by moms will make the transition easier!  I asked my past maternity boudoir photography clients for some suggestions and compiled this list below.  I am the first to admit I don’t know what half of this is. If it’s on the wrong list, please forgive me! I am excited to watch my sister figure it out before I have to!

maternity boudoir photography// white lace maternity dress// St. Louis, MO//https://www.pinterest.com/boudoirbytlynn/pins/


List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//boudoirbytracylynn.com



  • 3-4 newborn gowns
  • Zipper onesies
  • Sleepers
  • 2 packs of white onesies

List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//boudoirbytracylynn.com


  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles
  • Kiinde Bottle Warmer
  • Kiinde Breast Milk Bags
  • Dr. Brown’s formula Dispenser
  • Diaper cloths for burping

Diaper bags

  • Jujube
  • Dokoclub Diaper bag backpack


  • Jogging stroller- much easier to push.

List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//boudoirbytracylynn.com


  • Boppy newborn lounger
  • Rock and Play
  • Mamaroo infant seat
  • Dock a tot
  • Vibrating bouncy seat
  • Graco Pack n Play with sheet
  • Fisher Price Play Yard
  • Bumbo Floor seat
  • Chico High Chair
  • Car Seat Base


List: New moms//How to prepare for your new baby// nursery items//taking care of yourself//boudoirbytracylynn.com

Prepping for the hospital

Thankfully, my mom is a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital where my sister will deliver.  She will be sure my sister is prepared, but here are a few suggestions from new moms fresh from delivering their babies!

  • Adult depends are WAY better than the undies and pads the hospital gives you
  • Dermaplast spray in the blue can
  • Padsicles
  • Coconut oil if breastfeeding
  • Plenty of snacks
  • Huge water bottle or cup

Taking Care of Yourself

Most of the new moms that I spoke to said self care is also important.  You are going to want to spend all of your time with your new bundle of joy.  You HAVE to take care of yourself after and allow your body to heal. If your sister, mom, or best friend want to watch your precious baby to give you a break to let you nap, take advantage of the offer! There’s no shame in self-care and it’s essential!

maternity boudoir photography// cream maternity dress/ // St. Louis, MO photo by boudoir by tracy lynn. see more at boudoirbytracylynn.com

Maternity Boudoir Session

Don’t forget to book your maternity boudoir photography session at around 7 months.  This is about the time your bump isn’t too big that you are miserable, but still big enough to be seen in the photos! Click here to get in touch with me!

One more tip: Be sure to check out my Pinterest boards as well for more pins for new moms. Preparing for a newborn is as exciting as is it scary, but you so got this!





Boudoir Pinterest Board

Pinterest is my guilty pleasure. Do I ever actually use it for crafts or DIY projects? Nope. I’ll never be a super crafty person.

So, what do I do on Pinterest? I scroll through at night looking for places I would love to travel, browse the humor, and look for recipes (I actually do cook these) to help myself wind down from a day of work. I also love to pin to my boudoir Pinterest board.

Honestly though, for women of all ages- from brides (or soon to be brides), to newlyweds, and to moms, Pinterest is kind of awesome.

Why Check out Pinterest for Boudoir  Inspiration?

Most photographers cringe when they hear “I have a Pinterest board. Do you want to see my inspiration?” I don’t! I love Pinterest boards and I really do think there is a ton of inspo on it! I may not copy the exact pose you bring in, but what I love is seeing what everyone else loves.

There are so many pins on Pinterest that you can definitely get inspired. Plus, the fashion and the hair and makeup tend to lean towards the current trends and that makes me happy. We all want to be trendy, right? Especially now since fashion is so much better than it was ten years ago (or is that just my opinion)?

Black Good American Bodysuit/ long blonde hair/ boudoir photo/ photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.com//St. Louis, MO Boudoir Photography

What are on my Boudoir Pinterest Boards?

I do have Pinterest boards for photography- suggestions for what to wear, hair and makeup, and poses(although don’t worry, I pose you from head to toe). I also have boards my clients would possibly enjoy following! I try very hard to pin 8-10 different pins every day, so there is always new content out there! Here is a screenshot so you can see my Pinterest. I would love it if you follow!

pinterest board/photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.com

I have clients from 20-55, so I want to be able to share something on my Pinterest for everyone. Body positivity, travel plans, fashion, home decor, local shops, exercise and nutrition are a few of the boards.

For my brides, I have a board literally “For the Brides”. I love to pin wedding inspiration, honeymoon destinations that sound fun, local vendors, and of course a few boudoir photos. I also have a local STL wedding vendor board that my St. Louis, MO brides should definitely check out.

For the moms and moms to be, I have some boards specifically for you. My baby fever board is for the moms to be.

maternity boudoir photo// black lace gown// long red hair// Maternity Boudoir Photography// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.com//St. Louis, MO// Boudoir Pinterest Board

I also have a board for parenting. It has kid-friendly restaurants in STL, travel ideas, recipes, and more. Some of the family-friendly vacations look like somewhere I would love to go as well!

Follow my Boudoir Pinterest Board

I would love for you to follow my boards. I will do my best to follow you back as well!

Is there something I am missing on my boards? Do you have an idea for a board I should start? Let me know!

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Self Confidence and Boudoir Photos//St. Louis, MO

Body image and confidence…  The client in the gym every day of the week who is a size 00 finds something to compromise her confidence. I have had plus size clients with gorgeous hair, skin, beautiful curves with confidence issues as well. The point is, we could all use a boost in confidence.

confident curvey women//denim button up shirt/ coffee cup// boudoir photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

Putting Others First

As women, we tend to put others ahead of ourselves. Woman balance  commitments, jobs, appointments, crazy, changing schedules. There is a constant demand for our attention. My clients are mothers, wives, girlfriends, students, caretakers, and/or mediators of never ending family drama.  It’s an exhausting cycle, which ends with us falling in bed at night, not remembering who we really are. Sure, sure… an occasional purchase of a new pair of jeans, make-up, or even jewelry, maybe a pedicure and manicure. If you think about it, how long do those treats give you that lasting confident feeling? Not long, right? Yep, you’re dragged back into the mundane and constant care of others.

white bra and panty set/ white lingerie// confidence// self love// long blonde hair// exercise// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

Here’s the point ladies. You are amazing, and if you took some time you would see that you deserve much more. It is easy to find yourself in a rut and tell yourself you don’t need to be spoiled. Take the time to simply indulge in a consult with me. Clients find that they have a sense of ease with me. I understand that imagining yourself in front of a camera with someone you hardly know can be daunting.  I love getting to know you at the initial consult. 

Our session together is super personal. The time with me is all about you. Mimosas to start, hair and makeup to feel your best, and time in front of the camera to prove your beauty!

New Found Confidence

I am proud to say that I have been able to exceed client exceptions in sessions.  Many women leave their sessions with a new found confidence. After seeing your photos, you can be confident in knowing that you really are gorgeous! 

curvey women// black heels// gray sweater//white fur rug// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO

The year 2018 is the year to learn to love yourself. Boudoir by Tracy Lynn has started off with a bang! Clients tell me at the session or consult this is as gift for their significant other as well as a gift for themselves. All shapes and sizes have been in and every one has left feeling like a new woman.  

Your experience can be life changing. I want your session with me to positively impact the current chapter of life and your future self. Several clients have explained the life changing confidence they have gained which caused them to switch gears in their career to help other woman with confidence and body issues. It gives me “happy chills.” I love inspiring women to love themselves. Flaws are a sign of love, commitment, and hard work! Who you are as a confident, strong woman should be celebrated, not shamed and ridiculed. 

flannel scarf//victoria's secret underwear//knee high knit socks//cream chaise lounge// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at boudoirbytracylynn.com// St. Louis, MO


“Thank you much for taking  beautiful pictures. It was hard to not cry. It was crazy seeing myself that way. You did great job and helped me feel comfortable. Thank you again!”- Katrina

“Today made me feel beautiful! You girls are the sweetest! Down to Earth, I was uncomfortable for 3.2 seconds….. Such amazing work you do! EVERY woman should experience this.”- Brandy

“Having always had self image issues, Tracy truly brought out the natural beauty and confidence I didn’t realize I had. Her demeanor was calm and collected and made me comfortable. The photos are beyond gorgeous and I can’t wait to show them to my husband!! Truly top quality!!” – Liz

“Tracy made me feel gorgeous and comfortable. It was as if we had known each other for years. I’m grateful she captured these moments for my gift to my husband. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.”- Brittney

More Testimonials

“After my initial meeting with Tracy, I KNEW she would be the photographer I would chose for my boudoir photo session. Tracy has a calm, reassuring aura about her that instantly put me at ease. Tracy produce beautiful work. She personifies professionalism. I am extremely grateful for Tracy and her talent. She captured me in ways I hadn’t seen myself before. It has done wonders for my self confidence. After my photo shoot with Tracy, I left her studio feeling BEAUTIFUL AND CONFIDENT- two words that I never thought I’d use to describe myself. I have a BEAUTIFUL album and wall portraits to document this chapter of my life, and I made a friend :)”- Ali.

Most Recent Testimonial from Heather

“The morning of my session, my significant other is watching me run around the house preparing everything I needed for his big birthday gift. He knew how anxious I was. This is totally outside of my comfort zone even though it was my idea. I wanted him to have something really special. He is an amazing person and deserves it. On the way to the shoot, driving in the car, he takes my hand and tells me that it’s all going to be fine, not to be nervous. He went on to tell me that he hopes that the photos show me how he looks at me every day. I am a very harsh judge on myself and don’t take compliments well. Tracy made me feel so comfortable in my own skin and the outcome was more than I could have asked for.

The ordering session was great, being able to see myself through her lens in a way I had never looked at myself before. For the first time in our relationship, I know how he sees me. I have never felt more beautiful and confident in myself.

The Best Part

The best part of this experience was that when the album was given to my boyfriend, he told me that he loved it but the real gift was how it made me feel. He saw the confidence that it gave me and he said I was glowing now. It’s amazing how a photo session can change your whole life. It has inspired me to work towards becoming a personal trainer and a fitness model. Instilling the feelings that Tracy gave me through something that wasn’t even supposed to be about me at all. Thank you so much for changing my life and showing me that it’s not about all the little things that I see as flaws but just how beautiful I am as a whole and how it makes me unique.”- Heather.

I truly hope you will take some time to gift yourself a dose of self confidence. This is the year to fall in love with you. Bonus, this can be a gift for him as well! 

Get in touch with me here to schedule your consultation with me!