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What to Wear for a Comfy Boudoir Photo Shoot


What you wear to a boudoir photo shoot says a lot about you. It can also say something about the relationship you have with the person you may be doing the shoot for. There are so many different directions you can go with your wardrobe, even a more relaxed, cozy look! How so? Let me give you some ideas on ways you can turn comfort into something sensual!

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Everyday Attire

I believe what you wear every day can have as much sex appeal as lingerie. You are what brings the sexy into the shoot. You are what your significant other is attracted to, not the lacy bra you’re posing in!

Along with being physically comfortable, clients often feel a lot more at ease and “themselves” if they’re wearing something more comfy. Along with this, it’s a lot less intimidating to wear something familiar.

For the photo shoot, I encourage my clients to go for what they usually wear around the house with a little bit of thinking outside the box. I will get into a little more detail over some specific suggestions.

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Oversized Clothes

This is a fun, flirty look that we can turn into something a bombshell would don! A sweater or tee shirt that falls off the shoulder is a wonderful way to cover up but still show a little skin.

There are a few rules to follow: to avoid having to worry about adjusting a ton of fabric throughout the session, I recommend the sweater hang no further than right above your booty. Make sure (no matter what you wear) to have sexy panties on!

We will subtly reveal them in the shoot. If you need some help finding something appropriate to wear, check out La Senza’s selection.

On the flip side, if you want to wear something tighter that is great too. Only be sure that if you’re wearing a tight tee or cami to make sure the neckline goes low enough to show at least some cleavage. This is a boudoir photo shoot, after all!

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Combining the Essentials

Top, bottom, accessory: This is your classic wardrobe combination. So maybe you do go for the oversized sweater with lacy panties. You’d still be missing something. I love to suggest wearing knee-high socks. They are playful yet delightfully alluring. It’s still way easier and less busy than hose and heels, yet they are fun and highly attractive.

If you decide to go barefoot, that’s totally okay, too. I only recommend you splurge on a pedicure and get some paint on those toes!

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Unconventional Comfort

Now, on the other hand, you can completely abandon the classic top/bottom/accessory combo and go with a look a little more special that doesn’t cost you anything in comfort.

A great look is the “just jeans” look! You can go braless and you will cover yourself with your arms or the poses I place you in. If you decide to go with the “just jeans” look, be sure to wear a one size larger than your actual size. This totally ensures they’re not too tight and they will give an illusion you are smaller.

Another idea is the body suit. After making a comeback from the 90’s (which I’m so excited about!) body suits are easily attainable (you can snag so many different kinds from your local Forever 21.) All the colors, patterns and textures make for a great shoot.

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Little Details

Like the idea of painting your nails if you’re going with “nude” feet, you must consider all aspects of what you want the overall look to be like. Color choice is huge and the color story will be different from person to person depending on skin tone and personality.

What I prefer most often is soft colors, as they give a classy and timeless look that’s more sensual. While you’re going for that “lounging on the couch” look, you don’t want to wear a messy, twenty-year-old band tee, bright green undies and rainbow knee-high socks! Pick complimentary colors.

As for jewelry goes: avoid necklaces! Unless you’re wearing a choker, necklaces always seem to fall in the wrong place and end up being a distraction. Bracelets, rings and earrings make great additions (as long as the earrings are subtle.) Be sure the jewelry choices you make go with your overall style and feel that you’re going for.

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Comfy, casual, and cozy are not what your mind might go to when thinking about a boudoir photo shoot. A sexy session is, however, more than attainable following the guidelines I have laid out.

If you would like to book your boudoir photo shoot and give the comfy look a try contact me at See you soon!


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