Christmas gift for your husband: The perfect solution

I know it seems like a long way away, but it’s probably time to start thinking about a Christmas gift for your husband, fiancé, or boyfriend.

Although I am sure he loves the ones you’ve gotten him before, do you really want to get him another tie and dress socks? Or do you want to get him something he will remember forever?

I’m pretty sure I know which option he would rather get!

Let’s talk about why this is the perfect Christmas gift for your husband(fiancé or boyfriend), what you should wear to your boudoir session, when’s the best time to book so you have the album for Christmas, and how to give him the photos so it’s even more special.

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Why is this the perfect Christmas gift for your husband, boyfriend, or fiancé?

A boudoir photo album is the best Christmas gift for your husband, boyfriend, or fiancé because it’s something he will remember forever. It’s not a typical gift. Instead, it’s something he will realize you put a lot of time, thought, and preparation into.

It’ll also strengthen your relationship. A boudoir album does make you feel vulnerable, but when you see the look on his face as he looks through it, you realize the vulnerability was worth it. And he will know he means a lot to you if you put yourself in the position to feel vulnerable.

Vulnerability. Scary word, but worth the feels in most cases.

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What to wear for a Christmas boudoir session?

I have three recommendations for a boudoir session that’s a Christmas gift for your husband(or your man). But check out this past Christmas post because I think it applies as well. Oh, this one, too.

Dark red always looks classy and obviously feels Christmas-y/Holiday-y.

You can NEVER go wrong with black. It’s always a classy option, and who doesn’t look good in black? No one doesn’t look good in black is the answer. Sorry about the double negative.

Get some thigh-high knit socks and one of his shirts- button up, flannel, favorite hoodie, or tee. It’s the perfect wintery look and he will LOVE that you are wearing his clothes. Guys love that for some reason.

dark red lingerie//red bodysuit//sitting boudoir pose//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO//See more at

When should you book your boudoir session to have it in time for Christmas?

GREAT question.

I would recommend at the latest early November. This will give us time to have the album in your hands in time for Christmas.

Remember, this isn’t something you want to create on the fly. You want professional, beautiful photos that you can look back on and love them in the years to come. Not something you are taking with your cell phone.

That being said, I will have very limited sessions in December where I can have the album done in time for Christmas. Email me at and we can talk.

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How do you give this Christmas gift for your husband (or man if you aren’t yet married)?

A boudoir album is definitely not something you want him to open in front of your entire family Christmas morning, or with the in-laws Christmas Eve.

That wouldn’t be awkward at all.

Mother-in-law: “Oh let me see the photo album.”

You’d never be able to look her in the eyes again.

I’d suggest setting some time aside so you can both unwrap gifts, but be sure to let him know ahead of time so he has a gift for you as well! Only fair, right?

Most of my clients decide on an album, but you could also do something like a wall portrait, nightstand folio, or nightstand framed prints.

Usually, though, an album is the perfect option. It allows you to put the album away in a nightstand or closet, and he can still get it out and look through it when he wants. And he will want to!

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This is a Christmas gift for your husband(or man) that he will never forget and always appreciate.

At the same time, it’s something for you as well. This time of year is always crazy with holidays and school and work deadlines. Take some time out of your busy life to be pampered and feel like the gorgeous woman you are, while getting him an unforgettable Christmas present. You both deserve it!

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3 ways to feel sexy at any age

I met Sara a few years ago when I had first moved to St. Louis. I photographed a boudoir session for her at the time. A few months ago, she emailed me to book a birthday boudoir session to embrace her body and remind herself that she can feel sexy at any age.

How awesome is that?

Blog post: 3 ways to be sexy at any age//sara lynn hoffman of stl//calvin klein bra and panty set// natural light//shadows//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// see more at

I seriously love the reasons you ladies book boudoir sessions, from owning your sexy, to embracing your body after a major life change.

And brides, even if the boudoir session is for a wedding gift, let’s be honest and say it’s also for you and a way to boost your confidence before one of the biggest days of your life.

After her session, Sara posted this to Instagram.

“I did this photoshoot on my birthday last month. It was kind of a reminder to myself that you can still be sexy at any age. Coincidently, I received the images today which happens to be my son’s sixteenth birthday. Sixteen years ago today I became a mom. I’ve never quite fit into that typical ‘mom mold,’ but I’ve learned, like in the game of Tetris, that when you try to “fit in” you end up disappearing. Life is short and we weren’t created to be average, so don’t be afraid to stand out 💋”

So, today, I want to talk about 3 ways to feel sexy at any age, from your 20’s to your 70’s because age really is just a number.

P.S. Follow Sara’s Instagram. She and her son have dance off’s and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Blog post: 3 ways to be sexy at any age//sara lynn hoffman of stl//calvin klein panty//purple crop topt// natural light//shadows//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// see more at

1. Attitude and confidence in your inner self

Attitude and confidence in your inner self can make someone sexy at any age.

Love the life you’ve created. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve to be proud of the work you’ve put in.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Coco Chanel
Blog post: 3 ways to be sexy at any age//sara lynn hoffman of stl//calvin klein panty//purple crop topt// natural light//shadows//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// see more at

2. Embrace your body

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you’ve been through something major and your body can tell that story. It’s important to realize you’re sexy at any age, just the way you are.

Maybe there are stretch marks because of the pregnancy that created your beautiful children.

Maybe your abs are rocking right now because you are on a fitness journey towards a fitness competition.

Maybe you’re a bit bigger than you were because you’ve had some major life changes.

No matter what, love your body. It allows you to live the life you love with the people you love. Flaunt those stretch marks because they help tell your story!

Blog post: 3 ways to be sexy at any age//sara lynn hoffman of stl///purple bra and panty set//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// see more at

3. A boudoir session helps you feel sexy at any age.

And last but not least, a boudoir session can SHOW you how beautiful you are. It helps you feel sexy at any age by showing you what someone else sees in you!

“I’m too old for a boudoir session.” I’m here to tell ya, you’re never too old to feel sexy.

Life is so busy, and it’s so important to slow down and take the time to remember you are beautiful in this moment of your journey through life.

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25 is not the ONLY time you are(were) sexy in life. You are sexy at any age.

I’m thankful Sara came in when she did.

I’m 33 now. 33 is hard. I’ll put what I think is such a cute outfit together, then look in the mirror and think to myself, “my shorts are too short and I’m way too old to be wearing a crop top.” Neither is true. I can wear what I feel beautiful and comfortable in.

Sara reminded me that age is just a number and we need to embrace the stage of life we’re in.

So thanks Sara. You taught me a lot that day.

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Hair and Makeup for your Boudoir Session

Some women are great at doing their own hair and makeup.

Then, there are women like me.

I rarely wear makeup, and I just recently learned how to curl my hair.

Beachwaver is a lifesaver, by the way. I cannot twist my wrist to make a curl. This thing does the twisting for you.

There’s a huge difference, though, in doing your hair and makeup for day to day life and doing it for photos.  Cameras pick up every imperfection you have, so great makeup and good coverage is important. It’s also important to contour well so your best features are shown.

Hair and makeup can make or break your boudoir session. This is why I include it as part of the session fee.  The hair and makeup artists I hire are AMAZING at what they do because they have been specially trained for hair and makeup for photography.

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Why include hair and makeup in the session?

The main reason I include hair and makeup in the session is that it relaxes you.  You feel pampered and special while the makeup artist is doing your makeup. By the time she is done, you feel beautiful and are ready to rock your session.

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My makeup artists know exactly how and what I need them to highlight to bring out your best features in your photos.  They are specially trained to apply makeup specifically for photography and their skills coincide with my photography vision so well.

Natural Makeup while still highlighting your features

The big thing to remember is that when you leave the salon, you are going to feel like you are wearing a ton of makeup, which you are.  Your boudoir photos are not going to show that you are wearing a lot though.  The camera won’t pick that up. They will look very natural and beautiful!

hair and makeup//boudoir session//blue bra//big hair//blowout bar stl//see more at

How should you wear your hair?

I think natural is best here, but this is totally up to you. If you go to the salon not knowing what you really want, the girls will do a soft wave, which looks great.  I have also had a few girls go in asking for second-day curls.  This is probably my favorite.  It’s so natural and messy and very fitting for boudoir!

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Starting the session with professional hair and makeup will set the tone for the rest of the session. You will feel beautiful, sexy, confident, and ready to rock your session,

Put your trust into my girls, Kendra and Kat, so you can get the entire session experience.  I promise the results and experience is worth it!

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Accessories: 7 Ideas for your session

For the past few years, I have been anti- accessories for boudoir sessions.

I’m changing my stance today. I now feel accessories can take your boudoir outfit to the next level.

With that being said though, I still think there are some rules to follow when finding accessories for your boudoir session.

So today, let’s talk about the rules for accessories for boudoir session outfits and seve different options for accessories.

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Rules for boudoir session accessories

My biggest rule about accessories is for necklaces. I love them, but at the same time, some poses with necklaces are hard. When we are doing laying poses, they can sometimes look as though they are choking you. The clasp will end up in front, so we have to watch it constantly.

As for heels, they HAVE to be very tall, at least four inches, or we might as well not use them. You don’t want kitten heels when you’re trying to be sexy!

Don’t forget your engagement ring if this is a wedding present. It WILL be missed in the session.

7 options for accessories

1.Heels. I feel like this is an obvious choice.  Good heels are going to lengthen your legs and make your calves look great.  Don’t worry if you aren’t good at walking in them.  You won’t have to walk far.

I have black stilettos in the studio in multiple sizes for those of you who don’t have any at home.

You can’t go wrong with black or nude heels.  If you want to go all out, get these Louboutin heels.

accessories for boudoir photo//black bra, garter, lace panties//thigh highs//black heels// curves//brunette hair// boudoir photo//see more at

2. High socks with your bodysuit or a sweater and lace panties is something I love.  I haven’t decided if this is a trendy thing yet or not, but I’m going with it because it’s adorable and sexy at the same time. I love these thigh high socks that are on Amazon Prime right now.

accessories for boudoir photo//black lace bodysuit//thigh highs//white socks// blonde hair// boudoir photo//see more at

3. Pearls are classy and necessary accessories if you are going for a timeless look! I don’t think they make or break your photos, but they do give you something to do with your hands. Unless you are someone who wears pearls often, I think you can get away with this imitation pearl necklace.

accessories for boudoir photo//blackand white boudoir photo//black bralette//thigh highs//pearls/// boudoir photo//see more at

4. I love coffee cups, especially the ones with cute sayings on them, like “hello gorgeous“, “future mrs.”, or “does this ring make me look engaged?“, etc.

accessories for boudoir photo//hello gorgeous//coffee cups//white crop top//lace underwear// boudoir photo//see more at

5. Hats and caps are tough.  They can cover the light on your face, which is something I don’t love, but with a little adjusting, we can make it look beautiful. 🙂

accessories for boudoir photo//brown fedora//jennifer aniston//implied nude// boudoir photo//see more at
 accessories for your boudoir session//Black bra// a cute flannel//red converse sneakers//Cards hat // Boudoir by Tracy Brown St. Louis

6. Jewelry, in general, is difficult just because it doesn’t lay right if you are in a pose laying down. Usually, if an outfit really calls for jewelry, we will photograph some sitting or standing poses.

accessories for boudoir photo//long jewelry//silk robe//black bra and panty set// boudoir photo//see more at

7. Although I never wear bracelets in real life, I love them in boudoir photos. They feel so classy.

A few exceptions

Guns. With prior approval of me, we can make this work, but the gun HAS to be unloaded obviously.

Food I’m okay with! Just let me know what you’re bring prior to the session, so we have a posing plan.

Glitter. Just no. Absolutely not. I’d rather jump off my building.

Confetti. I’d rather not. I’m still picking it up from a session 2 years ago.


No matter what, though, if certain accessories are important to you, or to him, we can make them look beautiful in the images.

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”

Michael Kors

Book a FREE consult now so we can brainstorm ideas! No pressure in booking an actual session. I want this session to be exactly what you dream! 🙂

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7 Destination Wedding ideas for STL Brides

When I was about a year into my photography journey, a friend from the dental office I worked at asked me to go with her to Destin, FL for to photograph her destination wedding.

Uh yeah, I’m in.

We all know at this point, I hate photographing weddings. I love weddings, and being just on the outside of the industry, but the stress of photographing one of the most important life events of someone’s life is too much for me.

Destination weddings on the other hand are so much more relaxed and fun.

I even brought my best friend and we made it a little mini vacay.

Destination weddings are a fun way to take a little bit of the stress off during wedding planning, plus there are perks as well. Smaller guest lists, all inclusive weddings, beautiful setting for photos, and a vacation are just a few of those perks. The hardest part is probably choosing WHERE to go!

beach wedding//destination weddings for stl brides//see more at
This one time… I photographed a beach wedding. That was fun.

Destination weddings in the United States

The U.S. is huge, so there are a ton of places you could choose just on the “mainland” that are memorable and beautiful. You have the midwest, Florida, the southern coast, Las Vegas, or Colorado, just to name a few.


In the midwest, you could do Branson. I’m including Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg in this as well, because they are similar to Branson. There are small wedding chapels, the Titanic exhibit(not sure what I think about this), and large wedding venues. Because Branson caters to tourism, there will be plenty for your wedding guests to do to stay entertained, and plenty of accommodations as well.

western wedding//turquoise jewelry//lace bridesmaid dressess//destination weddings for stl brides//see more at
My favorite barn wedding I photographed.


Florida has the beach and Disney World, both of which are the happiest places on Earth. Beach weddings are my favorite. By the way, if you ARE planning to get married in Florida, check out Cami Zi Photography. She is AMAZING at what she does and also the sweetest person you will ever meet. I also love Brett Birdsong in the Destin, Florida/Florida Panhandle area. He’s awesome and will make your wedding day super fun.

Florida beach weddings can range in price from super cheap to super expensive after all is said and done, but it’s the beach and no matter what it will be a blast!

beach wedding//destination weddings for stl brides//see more at
This was in Destin, Florida.

Disney weddings are magical. Obviously. It’s Disney World. The photographer I mentioned above, Cami Zi, used to work for Disney as their photographer but now has her own photography business. Disney weddings range from $3500- 12,000 from what I can tell, but again, they are all-inclusive as far as the wedding goes. Accommodations aren’t included.

The Southern Coast

If you want a beautiful southern wedding, Savannah, Georgia, Charleston, SC, and the beach, such as Hilton Head, all down the coast are ideal! I love these areas because they are filled with history, plus just beautiful locations, in general, within driving distance of St. Louis. Gazebo weddings, traditional church weddings with beautiful plantation receptions, or the beach wedding are all options.

destination weddings//see more at Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn

Las Vegas

Las. Vegas. These infamous weddings can be as classy, cheesy, or as wild as you want. The famous Little White Chapel is an obvious choice, but for a more classy wedding, the Bellagio has beautiful options.

casino wedding//destination weddings for stl brides//see more at
I had so much fun photographing this Casino wedding!


Colorado has so much to offer as far as destination weddings. It’s such a beautiful state with beautiful landscape. You could choose Denver for historical landmarks. Vail, Aspen, Keystone, or Breckenridge(and many others)have beautiful mountain side views either in winter with snow or in other seasons for just general beauty. You definitely can’t go wrong with anywhere in Colorado.

colorado mountains//destination weddings for stl brides//see more at

Destination weddings in Mexico

All inclusive beach resorts usually have amazing wedding venues as well. Riviera Maya, Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Cabo, and the like all have great options, usually all inclusive, as well, for weddings. Who wouldn’t want the beautiful turquoise water as a back drop to their wedding?

mexico wedding//destination weddings for stl brides//see more at

Destination weddings abroad

Some other options for destination weddings could include Paris, Greece, Ireland, and so many more options. The hardest thing with weddings abroad will be convincing your wedding guests to go. Some may want the vacay, while others are scared of international travel. Don’t let other’s opinions deter you in your wedding planning. Your perfect day is far more important!

wedding in paris//destination weddings for stl brides//see more at


I seriously had so much fun photographing the destination wedding in Florida a few years ago. It definitely was the beginning of my love for Destin.

If you do decide to go the destination route, be sure you take time for the two of you though. With so many family members around at all times, it can become more about family time in a moment that should be about your love.

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STL Date Night Restaurants

Want to know a secret? Anyone from STL or Missouri, in general, may not like me anymore if I tell you, though.

I don’t like St. Louis style pizza.

“Wait. You don’t like Imo’s, Tracy?”

I know. I know. It’s a sin.

It’s like a cracker crust. I’d have to eat the whole pizza to feel like I’m not hungry anymore.

I’m from Carbondale, IL, where we have Quatros. “Call 549-5326, Quatro’s Deep Pan Pizza.” I totally just sang that. It’s so good.

My boyfriend’s from Missouri, not STL, but he can’t believe I don’t like Imo’s.

P.S. He’s also not a big fan of Quatro’s if you were wondering. He goes if I ask, but he doesn’t love it.

Anyway, St. Louis has some of the best food and restaurants in the midwest. While STL is famous for T-Ravs, gooey butter cake, provel cheese, and St. Louis style pizza, there is so much more to try. What better time to try some new places than during an STL date night?

stl date night//date night ideas for st louis, mo couples//see more at
Stock photo from

Annie Guns, the Perfect STL Date Night Location

I’m pretty sure the month I moved to STL, I started hearing about Annie Guns, yet still I haven’t been. Located in Chesterfield, MO, it is one of the go to’s for several of my clients as well as a few of my friends.

Their motto is “Food and wines inspired by the richness of country life.” They also use local produce to support local farmers, which I love.

If you are planning a date night to Annie Guns, be sure to book a reservation! You can book online or use OpenTable.

stl date night//date night ideas for st louis, mo couples//see more at
Stock photo from

or…Charlie Gittos

Charlie Gittos is definitely my favorite STL date night Italian restaurant. I’m going to be honest, I think it’s because I love gnocchi, but their other dishes are great as well.

There are three location in STL- the Hill, Chesterfield, and at Hollywood Casino. Weekend and special occasion reservations are a must! You can use OpenTable to make your reservation here too.

stl date night//date night ideas for st louis, mo couples//see more at
Stock photo from

Maybe… Brasserie by niche?

I’ve been to this restaurant once with a group of girls. It was really good and the feel of the restaurant is very intimate. Brasserie by Niche will make a great STL date night location! It’s located around Maryland Plaza in St. Louis.

Have you tried Eleven Eleven Mississippi?

Named after the street address, Eleven Eleven Mississippi serves award-winning Tuscan/Californian cuisine. Everything is made from scratch with fresh seasonal ingredients, most grown in the restaurant’s own commercial hydrophonic greenhouse.

Be sure to make a reservation for this great restaurant!

stl date night//date night ideas for st louis, mo couples//see more at
Stock photo from

End the night with Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

After you have been to any of the restaurants previously mentioned, be sure to stop at Bailey’s Chocolate Bar for dessert and drinks! It’s a romantic quiet lounge that you both will enjoy, especially with any of the dessert options they have.

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Speaking of date night…

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Maybe an anniversary or wedding? Birthday? Christmas?

What better way to surprise him than with a boudoir album full of sexy and beautiful photos of you?

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Why attend the Pink Bride Wedding Show?

Christmas is right around the corner and a few of you may be getting engaged. How exciting! The first thing you’ll want to do is celebrate this super fun time in your life. Then you’ll sit down and start feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the planning that was just thrown in your lap! But where do you start? Check out my wedding planning timeline, and then start checking out the wedding show and bridal fair options in St. Louis.

The Pink Bride is a bridal fair you don’t want to miss and I’m going to tell you why, as well as what to expect, give the information you need to know and answer some FAQ’s about bridal fairs.

Blog: Why attend the Pink Bride Wedding show// ring shot//wedding// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. See more at

Why attend a wedding show and how to prep?

A bridal fair is a great place to meet multiple vendors face-to-face without having to schedule a bunch of meetings. There are great deals and giveaways you can sign up for, plus you will be able to see the latest trends without doing hours upon hours of research.

As far as prepping for the show, here are a few recommendations.

  • Bring labels with your name, email, phone number so you can easily and quickly enter giveaways.
  • Wear comfy clothes. You will be doing a lot of walking.
  • Get to the show early enough that you can snag one of the swag bags from a booth. These are great for holding the brochures and business cards from different vendors.
  • Bring a friend, not just your mom/dad/fiancé. Your friend can enter giveaways for things you may not want your parents or fiancé to know about(like a boudoir session).
  • Follow up with businesses you are interested in working with after the show.
Blog: Why attend the Pink Bride Wedding show// my booth//wedding// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. See more at

Which wedding show to attend?

I’ve done several different wedding shows, and I have to say there are none better than The Pink Bride. Renee, the owner of the company, knows the wedding industry and what brides want. She has created a wedding show experience like none other.

You can expect:

  • St. Louis’ most preferred wedding professionals all under one roof, ready to meet you.
  • Stunning inspirational showcases that will help you envision the perfect celebration for your day.
  • Lots of swag and phenomenal show-only specials that can save you thousands of dollars from today’s top wedding professionals.
  • Incredible fashion shows showcasing the season’s hottest fashions for your entire wedding party.
  • Food, drinks, and giveaways.

The Pink Bride is also up-to-date with new technology to make your show experience easy and organized. They use the BrideScan app which will help you remember which vendors you are most interested in.

Blog: Why attend the Pink Bride Wedding show// boudoir album//wedding// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. See more at

The Pink Bride Wedding Show

So when is the Pink Bride Wedding Show anyway?

January 11-12, 2020 from 11:00am-4:00pm.

You can purchase your tickets at Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 day of.

Bridal Fair FAQ’s

What should I do to prep for the wedding show?

  • Consider creating a wedding only email address to use to register with.
  • Know your wedding date and approximate budget so you can book vendors during the show.
  • Arrive with a list of wedding pros you still need for your day.

What should I wear?

  • Dress for a wedding show is typically casual. Jeans/t-shirts/comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking around the majority of the fair!

Who should I bring?

  • Like I mentioned above, definitely your parents(or whoever is making the financial decisions), your fiancé, and at least one of your bridesmaids!

Will there be concessions?

  • Yes! There will be a full bar and menu.
Blog: Why attend the Pink Bride Wedding show// bridal boudoir photo//wedding// photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of STL. See more at


From my experience at multiple wedding shows and bridal fairs, The Pink Bride is the one you don’t want to miss. It’s super interactive, and the vendors are some of the best in the industry.

A bridal fair will help you in your wedding planning adventure by showing you the latest trends, allow you to meet face-to-face with multiple vendors at once, and possibly win some amazing giveaways.

Want to schedule a consult with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn today?

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10 Bridal Party Gift Ideas for STL Brides

Your bridal party does a lot to make your wedding day special. From planning the shower to the bachelorette party to everything they do on the actual wedding day, they put a lot of time, effort, and expense into your day. Finding a perfect bridal party gift becomes even more important when you think of everything they do for you!

“A happy bridesmaid makes a happy bride.” -Alfred Tennison

So, to help you shop, I have made a list of 10 bridal party gift ideas, but first, let’s look at some bridal party stats.

Blog post: 10 Bridal Party Gift Ideas// Written by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn// See more at

Bridal Party Stats

Here are some stats from a survey by Ultimate Bridesmaids.

Bridal Party Size

  • 3-5 Bridesmaids/groomsmen- 52%
  • 6+ Bridesmaids/groomsmen – 40%
  • 1-2 Bridesmaids/groomsmen – 8%

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations

  • New Orleans
  • Las Vegas
  • Savannah
  • New York City
  • Miami

Where the bridal party lives in relation to the bride/groom.

  • Same town- 35%
  • Different state- 35%
  • Same state/different town- 23%
  • Different country- 6%

Some feelings of bridesmaids according to the stats

  • The worst part of being a bridesmaid is the cost.
  • The best part of being a bridesmaid is getting ready with the bride on the day of the wedding.
  • The cost of bridesmaid dresses is totally out of control.
  • No matter what people say, you will never be able to wear the bridesmaid dress again for a different occasion.
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Bridal Party Gift Ideas

After reading those stats, don’t you think your bridal party deserves the best gift you can afford? She is doing so much for you, so it’s only fair to show her how much you appreciate her.

I’ve talked about bridesmaid proposals before. The overall consensus for a bridesmaid proposal gift is $20-60 per bridesmaid. It’s just a little gift before the madness starts.

For a bridal party gift, though, your bridal party has put in the time/effort/expense. This gift is to show your appreciation for their effort. You’ll want to get a gift that’s about 10-25% of what they spent on your wedding. So, if your bridesmaid spent $750 total, you would want to get her a gift that’s around $75-$200.

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7 Bridal Party Gift Ideas for Bridemaids

She put a lot of effort into your wedding, be sure to show her how much you appreciate it with super special bridal party gift. Here are some ideas.

  1. Spa day
  2. A gift basket full of things like her favorite perfume, a robe for the wedding day(for pictures), wine, her favorite candy, etc.
  3. A weekender bag- maybe personalized?
  4. Wine subscription
  5. A gift card to her favorite restaurant, maybe with her favorite bottle of wine.
  6. A gift box full of gift cards to her favorite places- may be a nail salon, blow dry bar, Starbucks, etc.
  7. Gift bag full of personalized things you know she will love, like stationery, bags, wine glass, coffee mug, etc.
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3 Bridal Party Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

Let’s be honest here. It’s a lot cheaper being a groomsman, so you won’t need to spend as much, but you can still put in the effort to show them they are appreciated as well.

  1. Glasses with whiskey stones
  2. A bottle of their favorite liquor
  3. Nice stainless grill set
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Your bridal party is putting a lot of time, effort, and expense in making sure your day is magical. Show them your appreciation with a super personalized gift they will cherish forever.

Remember to spend around 10-25% of what they’re spending on your wedding overall. If that’s $750, you’ll spend from $75-200 on their gift.

What about a gift for your man??

Speaking of bridal party gifts, have you gotten your groom his gift yet? A boudoir album would be PERFECT! Book your FREE consult with me today so we can chat. Here’s the link.

3 reasons modest clients don’t need to worry.

Modest clients are not a new thing for me. About 70% of my clients are brides around 25-30. This demographic typically hasn’t had kids and had to bare it all in front of a roomful of medical staff.

Not that I have, but from what I hear, once you give birth, you don’t care so much about who sees what, especially a woman who photographs women in lingerie for a living! So, someone seeing you in lingerie is not a big deal at all at that point.

Point being, a lot of my clients are modest at first, but warm up pretty quickly with me.

I’ve been using the Instagram Ask Me Something feature lately and have had some really great questions. By the way, you can follow me here if you haven’t already. One of the questions that really hit me today was “How do you help your modest clients feel confident during their boudoir session(especially first-timers)?” I wanted to answer that in a blog post.

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I prep you before the session.

Step one is prepping you for the session at the consultation appointment. This is where we will discuss the best outfits for your body type. If you have great outfits that fit well, you will feel beautiful during the session, which will show in the images we produce.

I also go over what you can do to help yourself feel beautiful, such as spray tan with Missy of Just Fakin Tans, having your nails done, drinking plenty of water, etc.

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The first icebreaker poses help modest clients the most.

I have developed a strategy for every session, especially with modest clients. Honestly, most of my sessions have never done anything like this before. Over the past few years of photographing boudoir, I have developed a posing strategy with a specific order of poses to help clients get comfortable quickly.

Showing the back of the camera shots also helps you see that the images are actually turning out beautifully and that you have nothing to worry about the rest of the session.

After those initial poses, most clients begin to feel more confident, which shows in the images as well.

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Modest clients don’t need to worry with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn.

The great thing about a session with me is that it’s just the two of us during the session. I am there to help you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable while posing you in great light and producing beautiful photos.

Within 20-30 minutes, most clients are 100% comfortable and confident and leave the session feeling like the most beautiful woman in the world.

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Are you ready to book your consult?

Have you been thinking about a session with me, but still aren’t sure? I would love to talk with you via video chat to help put your mind at ease about everything! You can schedule your consultation here with no pressure at all about scheduling the actual session. It’s literally just a chat so we can get to know each other!

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Balancing health and happiness

I’ve talked about Gillian of many, many times. She is the guru on balancing health and happiness in your life.

Gillian and are kind of a big deal in STL. She’s the go-to fitness coach for women in the area and she is AMAZING at what she does.

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But here’s a story she talked about on her Instagram a few days ago.

“Trying to be fit was making me crazy. 

I’m here to tell you a little story about my health and fitness journey. My love for fitness was destroying my health and happiness. 

Nine years ago, I was an absolute nut- writing down every single morsel of food I put in my mouth. Driving myself crazy with calculations, I was weighing myself numerous times a day, and trying to cram as much gym time into my schedule as a busy, working mom.

In turn, these behaviors led to poor sleep, out of control hormone issues, and binge-restrict patterned eating.

I was in a really dark and lonely place.

I never took invitations to hang out with friends for fear that I would come off my diet or have to miss a workout. 

This behavior all started for me when I began my journey in the fitness industry in 2007. I was a success story for a weight loss product and was featured in magazines and on TV.

The stress and pressure of feeling that I needed to look very lean and tiny lead me to very unhealthy behaviors. I was burdened by hours and hours of cardio in an attempt to burn off calories consumed during binges due to the enormous amount of pressure I felt.”

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The pregnancy of her second child woke her up and helped her pay attention to her health.

“I had to stop dieting and over exercising for the sake of my baby and the actual physical changes during that pregnancy corrected many of the hormonal and metabolic issues that I had created for myself through the years of terrible lifestyle habits that I believed were healthy and necessary to be fit. 

When my daughter was born, I vowed to be a positive example to her in a world with intense societal pressures to look a certain way, more now than when I was growing up.

I couldn’t continue my unhealthy habits and allow her to think this was how she should live her life too so I followed a long road to health and now at almost 40 years old, I tell you with full confidence that maintaining my shape is a cinch.

Now, I eat foods that I love and workout because I love it and it is truly something I enjoy- it is no longer a burden.”

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The Momshell Method

“I turned this lifestyle into the “Momshell Method.” I coach other busy women (not just moms) and teach them the same healthy habits. In turn, they can achieve their goal body. It helps them stop unhealthy and obsessive behaviors that do not help in living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

If it looks easy now, it’s because it became that way out of habit. I don’t panic over upcoming social occasions. For photoshoot prep, I don’t diet, and I don’t look in the mirror wanting to change everything. 

If your quest to lose weight is stressing you out- STOP! You’re likely doing more harm than good!

The bottom line: Motivation comes and goes. Junk food and treats will always be there. The freedom of not having to obsess over every meal and workout has given me so much valuable time to spend doing the things that I love.” 

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Gillian’s client and friend Adriana

Back to School, Back to Fit Health Challenge

The challenge starts August 1, 2019!

You can get the tools you need to begin your journey of health and fitness for only $129!

There will be lots of prizes and one includes a 1.5 hour session with me including hair and makeup!

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For more information, email Gillian at

Visit for information about Gillian’s program as well.