Botox Party in St. Louis, MO

The botox party in August 2018 was such a hit that I decided to host another one! Nurse Lauren will be back in the studio again in March 2019 and I am so excited. Lauren is AMAZING at what she does.  I personally had botox done on my forehead during the last party and LOVED the results, plus I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure.

Who is Nurse Lauren?

She is a registered nurse with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. Lauren has always loved cosmetics, skin care, and helping people feel good about themselves. She specializes and is certified in Aesthetic Injections and aging prevention in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Also, her skin looks AMAZING, which it should right?

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What is Botox and when should I start?

New studies say your mid 20s is an appropriate age to start Botox to prevent wrinkles from causing permanent creases due to aging and expression over the years. As in all things, it’s easier to prevent than to correct these wrinkles!

Botox targets the underlying cause of your lines/wrinkles from frowning and squinting over the years reducing muscle activity for visible smooth lines.  It is recommended for preventative measures to get Botox treatments at least twice a year.

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When and where?

The Botox party will be held in my studio March 23, 2019 from 3pm-6pm.

Here are the details.

  • $15 ticket
  • $10 per unit for Botox. Normally priced at $14/unit in the St. Louis area.
  • Giveaways
  • Champagne and snacks

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To secure your ticket, click here!

One other great thing to know is I will have 1/2 price sessions available that day AND I will have a giveaway for a session and a $100 print credit.  I will be securing other giveaways in the mean time, so stay tuned!

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Wedding Day Timeline//STL

A lot of my clients are brides who’ve recently gotten engaged. By the way, congratulations.  Little known fact, I use to photograph weddings.  I thought it would be good to discuss a wedding day timeline so you kind of have an overview of how the day may go.

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First things first.

I recommend having your wedding planner and your wedding photographer help refine your timeline. They will know the time they need and the small details right now, though, you just need an overview of how the day will likely go so you can start making the bigger wedding day decisions.  That’s the purpose of this blog!

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Wedding Day Timeline

Let’s say your ceremony starts at 5:30 during the month of May and it’s a 30 minute ceremony.  You will plan the rest of your wedding day around that start time. This is based on 10 hour wedding day coverage for the photographer.

  • 1:30 Photographer arrives
    • Hair and makeup done and the bride ready to get dressed.
    • Detail shots of the dress, shoes, rings, etc.
  • 2:00 Grooms/ Groomsmen portraits and getting ready photos.
  • 2:30 Bride gets dressed.
    • The bridesmaids are dressed and ready to be in the background of the photos
  • 3:00 Bride and Groom wedding day gift exchange.
  • 3:30 Bridal Portraits
  • 3:45 Bridesmaids Photos
  • 4:00 First Look
  • 4:10 Bride and Groom Photos
  • 4:40-5:15 Wedding Party and Family Photos
  • 5:30 Ceremony
  • 6:15 Cocktail hour
  • 7:00- sunset photos
  • 7:15 Dinner
  • 7:30 Grand entrance and First Dance
  • 7:40 Welcome toasts and dinner
  • 8:30 Bridal Party Toasts
  • 8:45 Parent Dances
  • 9:15 Cake cutting/Bouquet Toss/Garter Toss
  • 9:30 Open Dance Floor
  • 11:30 Grand Exit

wedding day timeline//black lingerie//boudoir photo// see more at

Things to Change

Obviously, there are a lot of things that can change in the timeline.  I definitely recommend adding buffer time to be sure you don’t run late throughout the wedding day. Depending on the time of the year, you may need to adjust the time of day as far as sunset photos, and the ceremony.  All of these are things to discuss with your wedding planner and your photographer. They will help you make the best decisions to be sure your day is absolutely perfect!

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Body Confidence//Loving Yourself//St. Louis

Boudoir photography is typically thought of as something a woman does for her man.  I see it as something you do for yourself with the additional perk of gifting your fiancé, husband, or boyfriend a beautiful album in the end. Body confidence is my end goal.

body confidence//black sweater//high waisted underwear//plus size boudoir photography//see more at

Body Confidence and Loving Yourself

I think all women, no matter the size, struggle with body confidence.  It’s just something we all deal with.  We have a certain angle we prefer with selfies. We have a better side or we hate our profile.  Most of this is in our heads and no one else actually sees it, but we still deal with it every single day.

The most important thing you can do is not compare yourself to others! You are beautiful just as you are! Boudoir photography can show you this.

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I have had so many women see a huge change in their mindset after their session.  During a recent session, I had a client cry seeing herself in the photos, not because she hated what she saw.  She cried because she LOVED what she saw.  This client has a daughter and in her photos she saw the stretch marks that came from pregnancy and creating life. It was so powerful!

body confidence// chaise lounge//plid scarf//calvin klein underwear//boudoir photography//see more at

I have had clients see their cellulite and realize that it’s not a bad thing! It’s something we all have (yes even tiny models). Clients with scars specifically ask me not to remove them in the photos because they make them who they are.  Some hate one side of their profile so much, but when they see the images, they don’t even notice their profile. I seriously love seeing clients learning to love themselves after sessions.  It’s why I do what I do!

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Everyone is Nervous.

Just know that almost every client is nervous before their boudoir photography session. It’s normal! I have mimosas. My studio is a judgement free zone.  And we will most definitely have a blast!

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Outfits for 2019 Boudoir Sessions

Fashion is continuously changing, which means my what to wear guide for boudoir outfits needs to change, too. Thankfully with boudoir, it’s a minimal change, so you can still check out some of my previous what to wear posts.

black lace body suit// white socks//industrial setting//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Boudoir Outfits

There are a lot of things that are still the same from what I recommended before as far as outfits go, but there are things that have changed as well.  I’ll cover both. 🙂

black lace bra and panty set// black heels//industrial setting//cream chaise lounge//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Things that have stayed the same.

Cheeky underwear, thongs, and high heels are still a must in the lineup for boudoir outfits. Be sure your underwear are about one size too big to prevent those skin indentions. Your high heels need to be really high!

black lace underwear//white fur rug//monkey shoulder whiskey/boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Body suits are still my favorite to start the session off with a bang. The biggest thing to watch is to make sure they fit well, not too tight or too loose.  You also want to be sure they are thongs or cheeky with a high leg line. We want those legs to look super long!

pink body suit//tan strappy heels// white rug//blue velvet chair//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

I still love off the shoulder baggy sweaters with thigh high socks and Calvins, but I also love the same baggy, off the shoulder sweater paired with heels and lace underwear.  Both options look super classy and beautiful.

cream chaise lounge//white fur rug//gray cardigan//gray socks//black lace underwear//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

A timeless option is borrowing your man’s button up shirt and pairing it with sexy lingerie and thigh high stockings and heels.  Maybe grab some pearls or his tie as well.

blue denim shirt//black bra and panty set//coffee mug//industrial setting//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

White sheets are still a big favorite of mine.  These photos are always a hit with clients!white sheets//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Things that have changed.

Probably my favorite thing, which isn’t really a change in the lingerie/fashion world, only in my shooting arsenal, are silk or lace robes.  I love that it gives you something to do with your hands. It also covers up areas you may not want to show, plus it looks timeless and classy.

silk kimono// chunky jewelry//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Jewelry can be a nice touch, especially pearls.  I was always anti jewelry before, but if we pose you just right, jewelry can look super classy.  Pearls are always a timeless addition!

black body suit//pearls//big jewelry//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Soft/neutral colors are still a favorite in the studio, but I’m liking bold colors now as well.  A big thing is to stay away from really bright colors.

off the shoulder tan sweater//green lace panties//cream chaise lounge//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at


No matter what, the photos will be amazing, so don’t worry.  I have a lot of experience posing different types of clients and different types of outfits. Preparing your outfits is just a small step in the process!  For more tips, check out this post.

black body suit//cream chaise lounge//shadows and light//boudoir outfits//Photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn//See more at

Contact me to schedule your session now! 🙂

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Valentine’s Day Boudoir Session

I mentioned booking back in early December that Valentine’s day is quickly approaching! If you want to schedule your session with time to gift it to your man, your session needs to be scheduled by January 22, 2019.

red lace lingerie// valentine's day// boudoir photo// cream chaise lounge//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// See more at

The Valentine’s gift for him is also for you!

I want you to understand that although the album that results from this session will ultimately be in his hands, this is a gift for you.  So many of my clients’ lives have changed after having a boudoir session with Boudoir by Tracy Lynn. Here are a few reviews below:

“I just want to say that Tracy totally blew my expectations out of the water with my album. I seriously cannot stop looking at it. It makes me feel so confident and sexy and I can’t wait to give it to my fiancé at our wedding on Saturday.  ❤️❤️❤️”

                                                              – Maddie

P.s. Join my private Facebook group to see Maddie’s husband opening the boudoir album. So cute.

black and tan lingerie// valentine's day// boudoir photo//reflection photo//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// See more at

“Hi Tracy,
We are back from our honeymoon! Mark absolutely loved the album. He didn’t know what to expect really and was impressed by how professional they turned out. My new husband loved the different poses and that I looked natural and like myself. He also appreciated the album with the two pictures. It’s currently on his nightstand! 
I’m super happy he loved them, but let’s be honest I literally can’t stop going through them! I’m so happy I did the photo shoot and I loved every minute! Hopefully, I’ll be able to do it again someday maybe for a maternity shoot. Thank you so much for your professionalism and for being a genuinely nice person! You made everything so easy and relaxed. I’ve been telling all my friends they need to do it!”
pink lace lingerie// valentine's day// boudoir photo////photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// See more at

He will love it though. Especially your new found confidence.

I mean what guy wouldn’t want  sexy photos of the woman he loves? It’s seriously the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

“The morning of my session, my significant other watched me run around the house preparing everything I needed for his birthday gift. On the way to the shoot, he took my hand and told me not to be nervous and that he hopes the photos show me how he sees me every day.

I judge myself harshly and don’t take compliments well, but Tracy made me feel comfortable in my own skin. The outcome was more than I could have asked, and I’ve never felt more beautiful and confident.

The best part of this experience was when the album was given to my boyfriend, he told me that he loved it. The real gift, though, was how it made me feel. He saw the confidence it gave me, and said I was glowing now.

It’s amazing how a photo session can change your whole life. The session inspired me to work towards becoming a personal trainer and a fitness model. All of this is because Tracy gave me confidence through something that wasn’t supposed to be about me at all.

Thank you so much for changing my life and showing me that it’s not about all the little things that I see as flaws. It’s about how beautiful I am as a whole and how it makes me unique.”

                                                             – Heather.

tan crop top sweater//cream lace underwear//tan booties// valentine's day// boudoir photo// cream chaise lounge//photo by Boudoir by Tracy Lynn of St. Louis, MO// See more at


Like I mentioned before, the last day to photograph your Valentine’s Day session is January 22, 2019.  I have limited shooting days left, so contact me ASAP!

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Wedding Planning Timeline//Happy New Year

First things first, Happy early New Year to everyone! I know it’s a couple of days away, but since this is posting before New Year Eve, I wanted to say it now.  🙂 Also, congratulations to the new brides out there! This is such an exciting time in your life. Let the wedding planning begin!

wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

Wedding Plan Timelines

Because I am sure there are a ton of brides just beginning their research, I thought it would be a good time to call on my past experience as a wedding photographer! I wanted to talk wedding planning timelines with you. This can vary so much between weddings. In general, though, this is the order with which you can start a plan.

white sheets//louboutins//lace undewear//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

1 Year Prior

  • Work out a budget. Be sure to give yourself enough to plan your dream wedding!
  • Book a venue. For some venues, one year out may not be enough time.
  • Draft a guest list.
  • Have your engagement party.
  • Register for gifts.
  • Hire your wedding planner.  I highly recommend Megan Rusch Soiree’s.
  • Hire your wedding photographer. I recommend Laura Ann Miller, ImageClairity,  or Conner Photography!

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10 Months Prior

  • Pick an officiant.
  • Choose your bridal party.
  • Meet with caterers, Dj’s, etc.
  • Take engagement photos.
  • Launch your wedding website.

black lace body suit//white socks//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

8 Months Prior

  • Order your dress!
  • Block hotel rooms for guests.
  • Begin cake tastings and order your cake.
  • Begin your makeup trials.  I highly recommend the Blowout Bar or Savanah Summer Beauty.

implied nude//white fur rug//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

6 Months Prior

  • Choose your invitations.  I really like On Three Designs in St. Louis!
  • Send out your Save the Dates.
  • Book your Honeymoon.
  • Order your bridesmaids’ dresses.
  • Purchase your wedding bands.  Check out The Diamond Family in STL. 🙂
  • Book your florist.
  • Arrange transportation.
  • Begin planning your day of timeline.  I am actually planning to make an entire blog post about this in the next few months so stay tuned!
  • Book your BOUDOIR SESSION!!! You knew this was going to be in here some where.

white fur rug//tan sweater//booties//cream lace//cream chaise lounge//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

4 Months Prior

  • Choose your groomsmen’ attire.
  • Plan the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Confirm vendors
  • Confirm your hair and makeup.
  • Choose your music.
  • Finalize the menu and flowers.
  • Order favors.
  • Plan the readings during the wedding and a list of those giving toasts at the reception.
  • Print menu cards and programs.
  • Finalize the order of the ceremony and reception.
  • Send a timeline to your wedding vendors.
  • Have your boudoir session photographed.

white lace//white veil//bridal boudoir//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at


2 Months Prior

  • Mail the invitations.
  • Write/decide on wedding vows.
  • Purchase your day of accessories.
  • Confirm the day of transportation.
  • Meet with/touch base with your vendors.
  • Pick up your BOUDOIR ALBUM!

white sheets//leather boudoir album//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

6 Weeks to 1 Month Prior

  • Get your marriage license.
  • Send out final payments
  • Have your bachelorette party!
  • Have your bridal shower!
  • Confirm times for hair and makeup and the other vendors.
  • Give your shot list to your photographer.
  • Review the music with the DJ.
  • Purchase bridesmaids’ gifts.

high waisted underwear//white crop top//maddie moore//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

Week of the Wedding

  • Final head count of guests.
  • Finalize the seating chart.
  • Send a timeline to the bridal party.
  • Pick up your dress.
  • Check in one last time with your photographer.
  • Pack for your honeymoon.

champagne//strawberries//thigh high black boots//wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

2 Days Prior


Get married!

wedding plan timeline//celebration//happy new year//see more at

I’m not gonna lie, even writing all that down stressed me out.  Be sure to have a planner and someone you can trust to help you keep on track! Planning a wedding can be so overwhelming and you don’t want to get behind. It’s a special day and you want it to be perfect. 🙂

Again congratulations to all the newly engaged girls out there! I really am so happy for you!

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Christmas and the Holidays

I am sure a lot of your holiday festivities have already kicked off at this point but I wanted to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas! I hope you all get to enjoy happy (and not stressful) family time and remember the reason for the season is spending time with those you love! Don’t let material things cloud the memories!

christmas//Don't forget the reason for the season– A candid with my family at dinner// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL//see more at

Christmas Reading

I have some other blog posts that I feel would be beneficial for you if you have some downtime during the holidays!

  • My good friend Gillian Becker wrote this blog post about Holiday eating last Christmas! By the way, she just launched her new company, Momshells, which is a weightless program.  Be sure to check it out for those New Year’s Goals.

christmas//healthy eating with gillian becker//boudoir session//white lingerie//see more at

  • Holiday Photography Tips: Last year, I wrote this handy blog post about getting the best possible photos for your holiday memories, so be sure to check it out as a refresh this year!

christmas//Be sure to capture the special moments during the holidays// Boudoir by Tracy Brown STL//see more at

  • Reason for the Season: Remember the reason for the season is family! Don’t get wrapped up in the material things! I would give anything to get one more holiday with my Grampy.
  • A Christmas Boudoir Session: And if you want to see some boudoir inspiration photos… here ya go!


Be present this holiday season! Live in the moment and really enjoy it this year. You never know how many you may have with your favorite relative or friend.

I know a few of you are probably about to get engaged, so congratulations early! I am so excited for you! Your ring is beautiful (aren’t they all though?). 🙂 Haha

christmas//boudoir photo//black lingerie//hair and makeup//white fur pillow//see more at


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Boudoir by Tracy Lynn Society

A few weeks ago, when I announced the Boudoir by Tracy Lynn name change, I mentioned some exciting news.  Boudoir by Tracy Lynn Society is now open for membership!

Benefits of Joining the Boudoir by Tracy Lynn Society

  • Access to 2 parties a year and 1 VIP Hour a year at the studio! I host around 4-6 parties in the studio every year!
  • 1 session per year at 75% off!
    • 1 hour session price for members: $37.25
    • 1.5 hour session price for members: $49.75
    • 2 hour session price for members: $62.25
  • First access to my books during limited scheduling times(such as summer and Christmas and the 1 Sunday per month I plan to be in the studio).
  • Extra benefits:
  • Monthly newsletters which will include exclusive content not found on the blog or regular newsletters!
  • Boudoir by Tracy Lynn Gear

black lace lingerie//tan chair//gray wall//white socks// boudoir by tracy lynn society//see more at


The main question I am sure is how much does it cost to be a member of the Boudoir by Tracy Lynn Society?  It’s $99 to join for one year to enjoy the benefits of being a member! Seriously, you will make that money back by just scheduling one session with me.  Not to mention the parties you will get to attend for FREE and the discounts you receive from my favorite businesses!

Some of the parties already on the schedule include an Abs and Booty Class with Gillian Becker of, a Botox party with Lauren Pohle of, a spray tan party with Missy of Just Fakin Tans, a beginner photography course with me, and so much more! 

red sweater//tan socks//black nails//boudoir photo//cream chaise lounge// boudoir by tracy lynn society//exlusive//see more at

How to join?

Email me at and I will get you signed up!

christmas boudoir photo//mrs. claus//black thigh high heels// implied// boudoir by tracy lynn society//see more at

Christmas or Valentine’s Day Present

I am opening this up now, just in time for your significant other to gift it to you for Christmas! Be sure to mention it in passing.  Or just outright send this blog to them. They benefit from it too after all! 🙂

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Boudoir Album Versus Digitals/ STL

In this modern age of 2018, it’s tempting to forgo printing photos and just get your photos digitally. The problem with that? Digital files can disappear (well, not if you get photos with me– I back them up in 6 different places, 2 hard drives, my computer, and each have their own cloud backup). Regardless, I highly encourage my clients to  allow me to create and deliver a boudoir album after your session. I learned that lesson the hard way.

scarf and black lace panties/ black heels/ white fur rug/ chaise lounge/ Boudoir by Tracy Brown/ St Louis

When Digital Goes Wrong–

I heard once that this generation is going to be the most photographed generation with the least to show for it. I don’t think I have ever heard a more true statement.  We’re all guilty of it. Between Snapchat and Instastories, we are all taking photos. We rarely save the actual photos and if we do, it’s on our phone where we can easily lose them.

I have heard of clients who had their wedding photos given to them in digital format. They didn’t print them at the time, thinking they would get around to it eventually.  Ten or fifteen years later, things happen.  Maybe they lose the CD in a move, or just misplace it, but still they never end up printing their images. Now, there isn’t even anywhere to print the photos on considering it’s on a CD!

Isn’t it sad to think that some of us may not have images of our own lives to show our grandkids?  Didn’t you love looking at these of your grandparents?  I know I did and still do.

boudoir album//digital files//albums//prints//old wedding photo//see more at

The Lesson–

As technology changes rapidly, those digital files don’t always keep up. Remember when people used to get pictures on CDs? My Mac doesn’t even have a disk drive! Thumb drives and CDs can get damaged, files can get distorted, and digital images get lost. While digital can be a decent backup if you have a very sturdy hard drive and some cloud storage, prints are, in my opinion, the way to go. (Again, though, if you’re my client, you don’t have to worry about my hard drives crashing as I have them carefully backed up to 6 different places!)

boudoir album//photography album//classy//tastefull//see more at

This is why I HIGHLY recommend my clients and friends get an album and prints of their photographs, from any session or photographer, whether it be your wedding, family photos, or a boudoir session. Really, we hire photographers to have tangible souvenirs of certain magical but fleeting moments of life. Digital files are not tangible and can become outdated. Print photos, if stored safely or displayed in a nice frame, can last.

boudoir album//digitals vs prints//boudoir photography album//leather//classy//see more at

Boudoir Album– It’s all about quality

Also, I would recommend that you get your prints through your photographer. For me, I am very serious about the quality of prints for my clients and thoroughly assess prospective vendors before I choose to collaborate with them. My lab is professional quality and I carefully hand picked it because of the high quality of their photo processing. That being said, getting prints through your photographer will be of a MUCH better quality than if you go to the grocery store or drugstore’s photo developers.

Sheer Red Sexy bralette with Dark Lace Details/lavendar hair/light pink nail polish/ glossy lipstick/ Boudoir by Tracy Brown/ STL

So, when you have a professional photography session, make sure you have something to take away. Digital files probably won’t last. Make those memories tangible. Learn from other’s mistakes and just go ahead and get those albums and prints.

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SaveSave Abs and Booty Class//STL

Gillian Becker(aka Instagram’s @stl_momshell) is well known for her abs and booty workouts and she recently created  Join us for January 20, 2019 from 1pm-4pm for an abs and booty workout and meet Gillian. There will be giveaways and girl time, and of course wine and mimosas! 🙂

About Gillian and

Gillian Becker is a registered nurse, certified personal trainer and weight loss specialist with a passion for transforming women’s bodies and empowering them through healthy lifestyle changes! She is creator of, the world’s first weight loss system and support community for moms! She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 12 years as a bikini competitor and fitness model and is a sponsored athlete with 1st Phorm International, House Of Pain Apparel, and Toxic Angelz Bikinis.

The Class

I have done a few of Gillian’s at home workouts and they kicked my booty! She definitely knows what she is doing.

The class will take place in my studio on January 20, 2019 from 1pm-4pm. Gillian will be there to answer any and all questions about the workout and she specifically requested to have the attendees bring any and all fitness related questions for her to answer!

The class is $25.  Expect giveaways and discounts by Gillian and myself as well!

*Be sure to bring your own exercise mat! Reviews

Gillian B. lost 60 pounds and 30 inches with

“I’m Gillian, the Founder of Momshells. I am a 38 year old single mom of two and I have lost over 60 pounds and 30 inches with the meal plans and workouts outlined on! When you are overweight, you hide behind big sweaters and even your kids! After achieving the best shape of my life, I’m proud of the woman that I have become and I can’t wait to help you do the same!”

Adriana L. lost 20 pounds and 15 inches with

“Momshells changed my life, mind and body forever. Love hanging out with like minded Moms just like me. The workouts and meal plans are so realistic and yummy. You never feel like you are on a diet. It’s a lifestyle!! Thank you Momshells!”

How to sign up??

This is simple! Click this link and sign up. 🙂

Be sure to sign up for the email list!