Black lingerie/boudoir album/Boudoir by Tracy Lynn/stl
Boudoir album/black bralette/Boudoir by Tracy Lynn/stl
Red Lace Bodysuit/Boudoir album/Boudoir by Tracy Lynn
Red lace//boudoir session//boudoir by tracy Lynn//stl
Sexy black teddy//boudoir by tracy lynn//st louis mo
purple bra and panty set//boudoir by tracy lynn//stl
lounge pants//boudoir by tracy lynn//st louis
hoodie and boudoir//boudoir by tracy lynn//st louis
implied nude and converse//boudoir by tracy lynn//stl
cardinals and converse//boudoir by tracy lynn//stl
grey lounge shirt//downtown loft//boudoir by tracy lynn
grey lounge shirt//boudoir by tracy lynn//st louis
grey shirt//tall knit socks//boudoir by tracy lynn//stl
implied nude//jeans//boudoir by tracy lynn//stl
phottix//miss vi ho//boudoir by tracy lynn//stl

Boudoir Photography Albums

Boudoir albums are the best way to document your boudoir session experience. Albums come in all sizes, colors, textures.

This album is the one I created for Vi Ho of St. Louis, MO. It has a purple leather cover and is 30 pages long.

Vi was wearing lingerie from Kiss Me Lingerie of St. Louis, jewelry from The Diamond Family of St. Louis, and clothing from The Habits Co also of St. Louis, MO.

Be sure to check out each image to see how an actual album spread is laid out!

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